Sunday, February 24, 2019

Birthday Card

Hi Everyone!
My oldest grandchild is turning nine this year, so I wanted to create a special card for her.  This showcases more of the wonderful samples that I received at Creativation.  I received some new dies from Spellbinders.  This one called Birthday Animals is by Sharon Sowell, and is just perfect for a birthday card.
Shapeabilities Birthday Animals Etched Dies Happy by Sharyn Sowell

I combined this die with some beautiful Rinea foil papers, some scrapbook papers and cardstock to create the card.

My tips for this card:

I cut all the animals from Rinea foil paper, but because these are detailed and delicate die cuts, I also cut a cardstock backing.  I glued the foil to the cardstock, then I glued the assembly to the card.  

I used a glue stick.  It was the easiest way for me to get the glue on the legs of these pieces.  It was the least messy to use for me.  You also have to be careful not to get glue on the foil front.  (I am a mess with glue and this was my second try at this card!)

The "Happy Birthday" is washi tape.  

I didn't have the ink color I wanted to edge the paper, so I used a pink Sharpie.

Have fun creating your own version and be sure to check out Sharon Sowell's dies at Spellbinders and Rinea foil paper.  Both are a joy  with which to work!
Happy Crafting!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Paint Pouring

Hi everyone!

Have you wanted to try paint pouring?  Me, too!  This year at Creativation, I received a sample of Pouring Medium from DecoArt.  

I bought some paint in my favorite ocean colors to go with the Pouring Medium along with an 8"x8" canvas.

I followed the instructions for the "dirty pour" on the DecoArt website.  This consists of mixing the paint and the medium in separate paper cups and then layering them in a larger cup.  Then, you invert the canvas over the cup and turn the two over together.  Lift the cup and the paint starts to flow over the canvas creating your abstract masterpiece.  So much fun, and so simple.  

Here's my first one:
Ocean Paint Pour
I had a couple of corners where the paint didn't flow, so I added drips of leftover paint and swirled them in with a small stick.  I also did this on the edges.

And, I had some paint left over which was too pretty to waste, so I had a smaller canvas on which I caught the drips from the main canvas.  Here's how that turned out:
There are so many possibilities with this technique and you can see lots of them at DecoArt.   I definitely have to try this again!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Project Embellish Part Two

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share the results of the Project Embellish Challenge at the AFCI show in Phoenix this past month.  (Can you believe it's already February!)  I have to tell you that it was probably the most exciting thing to happen to me in awhile, so I may be talking about it all year! I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Here is my roommate and I at the show before the challenge:

We were situated on the show floor in a large booth that had places for all six designers around the edge of the rectangle.  The judges sat at one end and Brenda Schweder was in the center along with Susan LeGuyader, Queene Bead Design, who helped us out with 10 minute lessons on the jig if we desired.

Here's a photo of us contestants and Brenda after the challenge.
Project Embellish Challenge
I was in such AMAZING company for this challenge.  Next to me is Jen Cushman, then Monica PenaBrenda is in the center.  Next to the sign is Kymona Tracey, then Cat Kerr, then Carol Foldvary-Anderson.  Take a look at their work.  They are wonderful designers and it was a pleasure to meet those whom I didn't know.

We had to create a necklace in 2 1/2 hours and use elements from each of our sponsors, who were:

Now That's a Jig, the amazing jig system that Brenda Schweder invented
Beadalon, who provided us with Artistic Wire
ImpressArt. maker of products for metal stamping
TierraCast, who makes findings for jewelry making
Xuron Corp., maker of the tools we used
Craftoptics, makers of magnifying eyeglasses
Beads Baubles and Jewels, a popular jewelry-making show
Deflecto, maker of storage caddies and organization systems

We had to use the jig, wire, stamped metal pieces, and TierraCast charms and create a piece in the theme of Charm and Whimsey.  We were judges by three judges, who walked around and observed us as we worked (pressure!).  They were Rita Panulla, from TierraCast, Tamara Honamon, from Interweave, and Tracy Gonzales, from TierraCast.

Here's a link to the finished necklaces.  They were all amazing (I know I'm using that word a lot!).

Here's a photo of my finished piece:
I created in an ocean theme.  I created waves and the necklace with wire on the jig.  I stamped the metal pieces with the words "Under the Sea" and added some patina.  I used the TierraCast charms in two ways - to hold the ribbon that I attached to the wire and hanging in the sea waves.  I added ceramic fish, turtle and starfish beads, blue and green glass beads and some wood pieces.

In addition to using all the elements from the sponsors, Brenda threw in a mystery element that we had to incorporate into our design.  The mystery element was an antique postcard.  I wasn't sure what to do with it.  My postcard had roses and leaves on it and didn't go with my colors or theme.  Time was running out!  Then, I had the idea to cut up the postcard and make rolled beads with it.  They looked like messages in a bottle or a rolled treasure map.  Whew!  To finish the necklace, I attached ribbon and made a toggle with a crystal and loop.

I was delighted (and, amazed!!) to be awarded Runner Up!  And, again a big thank you to the sponsors from which I received this prize.

Thanks for stopping by!  This was so much fun and I hope AFCI will bring it back next year.  These necklaces were auctioned off and the money generated was donated to Beads of Courage.  This charity provides kits for children in hospital with serious illnesses.