Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pretty Palettes Challenge for April

Hello Crafty Friends!

This month on the Pretty Palettes Challenge a beautiful set of beads was selected to go with this inspirational photo of lavender fields.
A sophisticated color palette of purple, teal and green inspired by lavender fields.
A sophisticated color palette of purple, teal and green inspired by lavender fields. From Design Seeds.

At my local Michaels store, I was able to find the main colors of beads.
Pretty Palettes bead selection
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the floral sliders or the gray beads, but I did find this shell pendant that incorporates both the colors and texture of the photo.  I think the purple portion of the shell really mimics the rows of lavender in the picture.  The rest of the shell picks up the blue sky and green grass.

Bead Gallery Shell Pendant
I removed the shiny silver bail from the pendant and used antique silver jump rings and ball head pins along with some leaf chain to add a dangle of beads to the shell pendant.  Then, I used a hand-dyed silk ribbon in a blue/plum blend to string the pendant.  The silk ribbon is from the wonderful selection of ribbons at Class Act Designs.

I tried adding more to this necklace - some chain or strands of beads - but, I decided that I liked the simplicity of it, so I left it as is.  Since these are some of my favorite colors to wear, I had to have earrings to go with it!

Here's the final result:
Lavender Fields Forever 
Here's the Pretty Palettes:  April Reveal!  So many inspiring ways to use these beads and colors!

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Recycled Crafts

Hi Crafters!

I've long been an advocate or re-using and recycling materials in crafts.  I especially like doing that for kids' crafts, but recycled materials are also great for re-use in art collages, paper projects, decoupage, general crafts and even jewelry.

Here's a craft that I did recently for the Smoothfoam blog.  This Primitive Bunny Jar uses paper bags, old buttons and a jelly jar. You can find the instructions at the link.

Primitive Bunny Jar for Smoothfoam

Here's another of my favorite projects that I made using paper bags - Scrunched Paper Bangles.
All the instructions are on my blog at the link.  It's a fun gift for the kids to make for Mother's Day.
Scrunched Paper Bangles

Here's another craft that I made using recycled materials:  a Decoupaged Flower Pot. It's a great craft for everyone from kids to seniors!

Decoupaged Flower Pot
To make a pot like this, sponge on some acrylic paint, then glue on a selection of pieces from seed catalogs, gardening magazines and seed packets.  I also added some fabric leaves and flowers.  Stamp a message and decoupage that on top.  Add coats of decoupage medium.  This also makes a nice gift.  You can add a plant or fill it up with seed packets, a trowel and a pair of gardening gloves! 

Have fun with these and don't forget to look at your recyclables for crafting material!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Designer Crafts Connection: Etched Plate

Hi Crafters!
This month on the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop, we're celebrating spring with flower designs.  So, hop around and see all the different media that the designers used to create a flower design.

I decided on an etched plate with flower stencils.  It's so easy to make with etchall® etching creme that you'll want to make one, too!

I purchased a glass plate at a local craft store and had some adhesive-backed stencils in my stash.

I placed the stencil in the center and taped around it with masking tape to ensure that the etching creme didn't get on the glass around it.  I followed the instructions on the etchall® etching creme and you can see the result in the center.  Then, I added stenciled flowers around the edge.

Here's the finished result:
And, here it is in my cabinet:

This would make a great gift and is so easy to do and inexpensive to make. 
To see the other designs this month, use the big blue button to the left of this post.  And, if you want to purchase etching supplies, use the little bee button above it (I get a small percentage if you do!).  
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sage and Pearls Necklace for Craft Ideas

Happy Spring Everyone!

If you are looking for a design for bridesmaid jewelry or just something quick and elegant, here's a necklace that I designed for Craft Ideas magazine.  It's in their spring issue and you can also find the instructions on their website now under Sage and Pearls Bridesmaid Jewelry.  This necklace uses light green Swarovski pearls and Golden Shadow briolettes and a pear pendant. 
Sage and Pearls

The Sage and Pearls version of the necklace was re-designed to coordinate with the lovely muted palette of Sage and Sandalwood wedding colors in Craft Ideas.  I originally designed this necklace with glass teardrops and pearls with a silver pendant. It works either way and would look great in whatever colors you choose!
Teardrops and Pearls Necklace

Teardrops and Pearls on a stand
Happy Crafting!