Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rinea Foil Blog Hop

Hi Crafty Friends,

Today, the designers from the Designer Crafts Connection are designing with Rinea paper-foil.  It's a paper-foil combination with a paper core sandwiched between two layers of foil.  This gives it more durability and stability.  You can cut it, roll it, emboss it or fold it and it holds its shape.  It comes in some beautiful colors and finishes. 

I tried a number of different things with this paper-foil.  Here's a snowflake ornament:
Snowflake Ornament

To make the ornament, I die cut 3 snowflakes.  I folded them in half and glued the creases together.  On this one, I glued a loop of nylon thread for hanging in between the layers.   You can also glue eye pins into the ends.  With an eye pin, you can add a bead or connect lots of snowflakes!

TIP:  When die cutting, place a piece of cardstock in between the foil paper and the cutting plate.  The foil picks up impressions from the cutting plate and the cardstock keeps that from happening.  I tried a piece of notebook paper at first, but it isn't thick enough to work.

Here's another dimensional snowflake with silver and gold papers.  It is three snowflakes glued together with the arms on the gold ones bent up.  I glued Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest to the ends and in the center and glued a loop of nylon thread under the drop on one side.
Silver and Gold Snowflake with Dew Drops

I tried some origami also.  I found that the simplest patterns work the best.

Boxes work well with this paper.  Here's one with red/gold double-sided paper.

Here's an origami flower (Cherry Blossom) with some die cut leaves and Dew Drops layered and glued in the center.
I really like how easy it was to add veins to the leaves.  This would look nice on a gift box or bag.

Here's a tree I made.  It's very simple and would look great on a card or as an ornament.
Tree with Dew Drops
Another TIP from my experience:  Practice with paper first until you know where you want to make the folds, then work with the Rinea foil paper.  The paper-foil will show all your folds!

Check the Designer Crafts Connection blog to see what the other designers have done with this amazing paper-foil.  And, enter the giveaway for some Rinea paper-foil of your own!  Here's what you could win:

(I received samples of Rinea paper-foil in order to create these designs.  Thanks Global Crafting!)