Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall Issue of Stringing Magazine

Hi Crafters!

I love the colors of fall.  Although, according to the color gurus, I am a "winter", I love to work in autumn's warm, golden colors.  Some of my favorite necklaces and earrings are combinations of reddish oranges, golden browns and buttery yellows. 

Here's one in shades of gold that I called "Amber Opulence".  I really enjoyed working with the colors in this one.  I usually don't name my pieces so extravagantly when I send them out for possible publication, but this one turned out so rich and lush-looking that I decided to go for it.  Another thing that I like to do in my designing is combine textures and this necklace combines fire-polished AB glass beads, pearls and ribbed metal beads along with two different kinds of chain for a lot of interest and contrast. 

The editors at Stringing put this necklace in their "technique focus" on forming wrapped loops.  That could be because you have to make 82 of them for this necklace! 

I hope you'll consider giving this necklace a try.  It would work well in different colors of glass beads and pearls, and you could change the metal color as well.  Use it as a jumping off point to create your own unique creation!  And, if you don't like this necklace, this fall's Stringing issue has 69 other designs for you to try!

Happy beading!