Monday, November 9, 2020

Gnome for the Holidays

 Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to be celebrating with Fairfield on their 80th anniversary.  Congratulations, Fairfield!  Eighty years is quite an accomplishment.  If you have been creating anything quilted or stuffed, no doubt you have used their wonderful products.

For the occasion, I created a Gnome for the Holidays with Fairfield™ Poly-fil®

This little gnome is easy and fun to make.  You can get the whole family involved in making it.

It's no-sew except for the nose, and you can use glue there, too, if you like.  He's built on a recycled coffee can.  Felt, flannel and fleece are the easiest fabrics to use, but any remnants you have will work.

You will need:

Coffee can
Fabric to cover can
Fabric to make hat
White felt, scrap green felt
Large white pom pom, small red pom pom
Hot glue and glue gun or tacky glue
Sewing thread and needle
And, of course:  Fairfield™ Poly-fil®

Here's how I did it:

Cut fabric to cover the can and glue.  I used red and black flannel.  Cut it so it fits the can under the lid.  You'll be covering up any edges, so don't worry if it's not totally even.   I used hot glue, but you can use tacky glue also.

Cut a beard from white felt and glue to the center of the can.  The shape won't matter much, because you'll be gluing fiberfill over it.

Use the lid on the can and trace a circle on felt for the nose.  Using a running stitch about 1/4" from the edge, gather the felt into a ball.  Tie the threads and trim.  Stuff with fiberfill and shape the nose.

Glue fiberfill to the white beard.  Glue the nose in the center.

Cut a hat from a rectangle of red fleece using the circumference of the can plus one inch by the length you will want for the hat.  I used about 20" for the length.  Starting about 1" from the bottom, shape the rectangle into a long triangle.  Lap over the edges and glue.  The hat should be a little bigger than the can so you can pull it down over the edge of the lid.

Glue some fiberfill to the top of the lid.  This will add shape to the hat.  You can add as much as you like.

Add glue to the edges of the lid and glue inside the hat.

Cut out holly from felt and add to the hat if you like, or use any other decorations.  Bring the pointy end of the hat together and glue to a large pom pom (or more fiberfill!)

Now, fill the can with cookies, candy or small gifts and give it to your neighbor!

Fairfield™ generously sent me the Poly-fil® used in this project.  Thank you!