Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Hi Crafters!

Wait until you see my new crafty toy!  It's the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner, and it's so much fun!  I have only begun to explore the possibilities of this new gadget, but, so far, I am very impressed.  It's a very versatile product and I am looking forward to using it to create lots of different kinds of craft projects.

One of the things that it can do is scan in your old photos for preservation, sharing with other members of the family, or for use in projects.  Even if you don't want to remove them from old albums or you can't because they have been glued to the page or the photo is too fragile, the Flip-Pal can scan them.  It has a removable lid that makes it easy to scan the photos in place in the album.

The photo that I'm using today is a picture of my grandmother as a young woman.  I'm just enchanted with the sweetness of her leaning her chin on her glove.  It's a photo that I've wanted to memorialize in some way, and this is the perfect oppurtunity.

The process is very simple.  First, I scanned the photo and uploaded it to my computer.

Then, I printed it out.  I am using a watch body from Stanislaus Imports to hold the photo.

This watch was a very shiny silver, so I antiqued it with some Rub 'n Buff(R).  The color is Autumn Gold, and it gave the silver a pinkish, coppery sheen. 

Next, I used the back of the watch body to cut a circle around the head in the photo and sized it to fit in the back.  To protect the photo from glue discoloration, I wrapped the photo circle front and back in packing tape.  Then, I trimmed it to fit.

I glued the photo in the back and glued the back to the front using jewelry glue.  I attached a large lobster clasp, chain and some dangles that pick up the color of the watch.
Here's the finished project:
Here's the watch with the lid open:

This will be the first of many projects in which I will use the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner .  I can't wait to take it on Thanksgiving vacation with me so I can pick up a few more photos at my Mom's house.  It will be so easy to scan them into the Flip-Pal.

Note:  I received the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner in return for making a project and blogging about the project and all opinions are my own. 

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Happy crafting!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Coffee Filter Turkey

Hi Crafters!
It's the first Monday of the month again and time for our Designer Crafts Connection!  How did that happen?  October went by in a flash!  Let's hope that November and December are a little slower!

Since it's November, my thoughts turn to turkey...and pumpkin pie and sweet pototoes and stuffing.  But, back to that turkey.  This Coffee Filter Turkey is the perfect craft for the little ones to make up for the table decorations.  It's quick and adaptable.  My kids' craft group tested it out and I modified the design, so I will show you a couple of ways to do it.

Gather your materials:  Coffee filters (the natural brown type), two Styrofoam(TM) balls in 1" and 3" sizes, watercolor paints and a brush, a cup of water, glue, a bit of yellow or orange felt for the beak, red yarn or felt for the wattle, a toothpick and two wiggle eyes.
Paint the edges of four of the filters.  I chose yellow, orange, red and brown, but, of course, you can work with any colors you like.  Turkeys actually have lots of interesting colors in their feathers.
For the tail, fold two of the painted filters in half and slide one inside the other, like this:

Cut another painted filter in half.  Fold each half in quarters and fold the tips down along the line of the ruffles of the filter.  These will be the wings.

Wrap the last painted filter around the small Styrofoam ball.  This will be the head.

Wrap the last coffee filter around the 3" Styrofoam(TM) ball and glue the edges down like this:

This will be the body of the turkey.  The open area will be glued against the tail.  Before you glue it to the tail, press the ball down on the table to give it a flat spot so that it will stand up.  Now, glue the body to the tail.  Press the head ruffles to one side and push half a toothpick into the bottom of the head.  Add glue to the toothpick and press it into the body.  Glue the flat part of the wings to the body behind the head ruffles.

Next cut the beak and wattle and glue the face onto the head.  This is how mine looks:
Of course, you can adapt this pattern to your ideas.  Add more paint, trim or move the wings, add a little sign for a name tag or add some feet!
Here's one more variation that I made before I decided to use the Styrofoam balls.  In this one, I used polyester stuffing.  It is a little more difficult to handle.  We ended up getting out the masking tape for the kids.  It was so springy!  But, other than that, it's a good alternative.  You could also use balls of recycled paper for the body and head. 
Happy crafting!

PS  I'm blogging more than usual this month, so stop in again next Tuesday on the 15th and see my new gadget - the Flip-Pal(TM).  And, of course, continue clicking though to see what other fun ideas on on the Designer Crafts Connection ring.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gifts and Goodies

Hi Holiday Shoppers!
For those of you in the Sonoma County, California, area, come visit me at the Gifts and Goodies holiday bazaar.  I'll have some of my handmade jewelry for sale at great prices.  Here are just a few of the baubles that I'll have available.  Deck yourself out for the holidays or get started on your gift shopping!

There will be lots of goodies from a variety of vendors like Avon, Pampered Chef and Scentsy as well as handmade items.  And, there will be a raffle with prizes from each of the vendors.

We'll be at University of Sports in Rohnert Park at 555 Rohnert Park Expressway from 10 to 4 on Saturday, November 12.
See you there!