Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi Crafters!

Bracelets are fun. I don't wear them enough because when you work (and talk) with your hands, they can get in the way! But, they are surely fun to create.

You can experiment with different color combinations or new materials without the time and expense of creating a full-length necklace. And, they make great gifts. Here's one I created for Amate Studios for August. I love this mix of buttons, not only for the colors, but for the interesting textures.
Here's another bracelet using the Amate Studios bracelet forms. My youngest daughter, the world traveler of our family, recently returned from a trip to Europe. She brought me some tea from London in these little boxes with maps of the London Underground subway on them. So, I cut little ovals from the boxes and glued them into the bracelet trays and covered them with some Diamond Glaze. It makes a great souvenir of the trip.
So, think about what you've brought back from a recent trip. It might make a great souvenir bracelet. Pieces of a map, photos, small charms, tickets or passes from an event, a bit of stone--all these could be combined in a souvenir bracelet that reminds you of the wonderful memories of your vacation.

Happy crafting,