Wednesday, July 24, 2013

French Knit Scarf and Beaded Pin

Hi Crafters!

I know it's the middle of summer and we've got a lot of warm days to go, but if you are planning fall projects, now is a good time to start.  When you knit during the summer, you don't want something hot covering your lap on a warm day, so I have the perfect project for you:  a skinny scarf made with a French knitter!

Clover's French Knitter makes this very easy to make, and it only takes one ball of yarn.  You can make it 22 feet like this one or shorter if you like.  Make the quick layered felt pin to accent the scarf or add it to a hat or purse.  The leaf pattern would also make a great napkin ring or add a few to a wreath!

You can find the instructions for these projects in the Fall 2013 issue of Crafts n' things.  If you can't find a French Knitter at your local craft store, you can buy one here.  (Disclosure:  I received the French Knitter as a free gift to use in my design work.  I haven't stopped using it since!)

Happy Crafting!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Twilight Garden Necklace

Hi Crafty Friends!

Have you ever wandered into the garden just as the light was dimming at twilight?  It's that moment when the sunset is gone but light still lingers touching the garden with shimmers of subtle color.  The moon highlights pale flowers of lavender and pink with a luminescent glow.  That's what I had in mind when I designed this necklace with its palette of mauves, iridescent glass flowers and gunmetal filigree. 
Twilight Garden Necklace
Terry Ricioli
This necklace was chosen for the Dusty Purples section of the new special issue magazine, 101 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings. 

As usual, this magazine is packed with loads of inspiration and projects in all the colors of the rainbow.  You're sure to find a design in your style and color that you can't wait to make  - or, have someone make for you!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rowlux® Illusion Film Blog Hop - Colorful Mobile

Hi Crafty Friends!

One of the things I like best about being a professional designer is the opportunity to try new materials fresh from the manufacturer.  It's fun to be able to help introduce a new product to the crafting public and design new ways to use it.

On this hop, some of the Designer Crafts Connection designers will be presenting projects made with Rowlux® Illusion Film.  This fascinating plastic film has been in use in many areas and is now being introduced as a craft material.

Here's a Colorful Mobile that I designed using the film.  The colors are vibrant and the plastic sheets are very sturdy.  It has wonderful 3-D patterns that dazzle the eye and reflect light in all directions.  

Colorful Mobile
Rowlux® Illusion Film

Here are the beautiful colored sheets.

Here's some information about this product from the manufacturer:

Rowlux® Illusion Film is made in the USA and comes in a diverse range of spectacular eye-catching colors and patterns.  These durable, translucent, 12" x 12" polycarbonate sheets add instant pizzazz to craft projects, seasonal accents, party decorations, scrapbooks, greeting cards, jewelry, furniture, frames, gifts, favors, accessories, art and DIY home decor projects. Easily cut with scissors, Rowlux® is also the perfect material for scoring, folding, embossing and die cutting. The creative possibilities are endless. This innovative and inspiring new craft material manipulates light to create dazzling visual effects. The illusion of depth and motion is the result of thousands of tiny parabolic lenses that are molded into the surface of both sides of the material. These lenses create a pattern of light reflection and refraction resulting in stunningly brilliant optical effects.

I cut strips of the film using a metal ruler and a craft knife.  To do this, score the film with the knife and bend along the scoring line to snap the strip from the sheet.  Then, I used a 1" punch to cut circles.  You may have to squeeze a few times to punch through the film.  Just keep squeezing in the same position and it will pop out cleanly.

After I punched out the circles, I was left with strips with holes in them.  Well, I couldn't waste those, so I decided to cut them into squares and use them also!

I connected the pieces with 8mm silver jump rings after punching small holes for connecting.

I wrapped a 5" metal ring with bright yellow acrylic beads using 28 gauge silver wire. 

Here's the finished bead-wrapped ring.  Wrapping took about 50 beads and 2 yards of wire.  Then, I connected the strands of circles and squares to the ring with jump rings.  I also connected four pieces of chain to the top of the circle and connected it to a wire hook for hanging.
Here's my Colorful Mobile hanging out in my garden!

Rowlux® Illusion Film

is available on Amazon at:

To see more amazing craft designs with this wonderful new material, hop forward on the big blue Designer Crafts Connection button or visit this link:

I can't wait to see what the other designers have created!  Come back soon and see what I did with my extra circles and squares...I'm thinking a pair of bright, fluttery earrings!  What would you create?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Crafting!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Wedding Sign

Hi Crafty Friends!

Welcome to July's Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!  This month we're crafting for Family Celebrations!  Our family celebrated a lot in June.  We had a 70th birthday, a 30th birthday, Father's Day and a baby shower.  We have a large extended family and we like to celebrate!

As I write this, we're getting ready for a really big event at the end of June - my youngest daughter's wedding!  I made this sign for the entry.  I used a technique that was new to me - crackle painting with glue.  It was so easy and the results were great, so I am excited to show you.

First, I painted the sign black.

Then, I painted the sign with a layer of clear tacky glue.

Without waiting, I painted over the glue with a blend of white and golden brown paint.  (I didn't have off-white, but I like the streaky effect of the imcomplete mixing of the paints.  It adds to the aged look.)
You can see the surface is showing cracks already, so you need to apply the second layer of paint right away. 

Here's the finished sign board.

I painted wood letters black and then sanded them with sandpaper for an aged look and I added a pink heart in the center.
Simple and quick (and the bride approved!)

Happy Crafting
Enjoy your Family Celebrations!


(For this project, I used Aleene's(R) Clear Gel Tacky Glue(TM) and I would recommend this product for this project.  I have received this product for use in my design work.)