Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hot Trend: Stacked Bracelets

Hi Everyone!

One of the hot jewelry trends this year is stacked bracelets.  They can be three or four matching bracelets such as bangles with different charms, or a group with different colors but the same design, or three dissimilar bracelets with an underlying theme.  Whichever way you make them, they are big for summer wear!  

Jewelry Stringing magazine is featuring several different styles in their new Summer edition, including a set that I designed!

Stone Stackers
Check out all the great summer jewelry in the new issue and get ready for the season of fun in the sun! 

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Happy crafting!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Designer Crafts Connection: Herb Garden Sign

Welcome Crafters and Gardeners!

This month on the Designer Crafts Connection, we ask the question:  "How Does Your Garden Grow?"  You'll find projects, tips and new ideas to try in your garden.  I can't wait to see what the other designers have created.  Be sure to visit them with the Designer Crafts Connection button.  And, visit (and like) our facebook page.

My herb garden has taken off this year.  It's been in about two years now.  But, it needs some decoration.  First of all, I need a sign for the garden.  Among my hubby's home repair stash, I found the perfect material for my sign!

It's a metal vent screen made to cover the openings in the foundation of your house.  They come in a couple of different sizes.  You can find them in hardware stores. 

I wanted a rustic look for my sign, so I painted it with a rust finish.  It would look great in any color.  Just make sure you use a paint that will adhere to metal like a spray paint, metal paint or metal patina.

Now, you can add a word to the sign and, since it has a nice grid, you can wire or tie on almost anything.  I considered a number of ideas - beaded wire, fabric, rope, twine - and decided on some raffia-covered wire that has a nice rustic look.  I found this wire in the floral department of JoAnn's.  I shaped the wire into the word "herbs".  It's easy to bend and shape the wire with your fingers and some pliers.  Before you start, trace around the screen on some scratch paper and write out the word to have a pattern to follow.

Lay your word on the screen and check for fit.  Make any adjustments you want and attach the word to the screen.  I used some rusted wire (Darice Rustic Accents) and wrapped it around the letters in several places.

After you attach your word, add wire or twine for hanging the sign.  And, you're done!

Herb Garden Sign

Here it is hanging in my herb garden.

I hope you'll try this idea for your garden.  What word will you use?  I think I'll try "Bloom" using some wire and beads or maybe "Grow" making each letter with different many possibilities!  And, does anyone know what to do with Lemon Balm?  Mine is growing like crazy!

Happy Crafting and Gardening!