Sunday, June 21, 2020

Barnyard Tissue Cover with Animal Coasters

Hi Plastic Canvas Lovers!

Herrschners has re-released an older design of mine that many of you have requested.  I'm so happy to see it again and I hope that those of you who requested the design will see it.  Go to Herrschners and look under the plastic canvas heading.  Which is your favorite animal?  I'm partial to the pig myself.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Altered Tin

Hi Everyone!

I've always wanted to alter a tin and this decoupage blog hop with Designer Crafts Connection seemed the perfect time.  I found some nice tins in my stash of stuff that were the perfect size.

I sanded it and painted it with Caramel opaque paint (PaperArtsy).

I decoupaged some wallpaper (Tim Holtz) inside the tin.

Next, I printed out some words on the computer.  I decoupaged these to the front of the tin along with some acrylic roses.  Then, I glued on the lock.

I dabbed the roses, lock and words with some translucent PaperArtsy paint in Autumn Fire.  I had previously punched some holes in the top of the tin.  I threaded some wire through and added a few beads and twists.

Here's the inside:

Here are the edges:

So much fun!  Of course, as with all my creations, I immediately think of something I would do differently.  But, that leaves room for more creativity!  I'm off to look for more tins!

Want more decoupage ideas?  Of course you do!  Head to the Designer Crafts Connection blog.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Festive Foil Wreath

Hi Crafty People,

I collect recyclable materials.  One of my favorites is the foil seals that you find on the top of coffee cans and nut cans.  You can bend and shape and cut these foil seals.  I have been saving these for some time and when FaveCrafts announced a Stay Home and Craft challenge using items you can find around the house, I was prepared!

I cut these foil seals on my Big Shot and cut out flowers and leaves, which I shaped with my fingers.

Then I painted them and glued them onto a wreath form to create this Festive Foil Wreath.

FaveCrafts selected my wreath as one of their top ten crafts in the challenge.  You can see the others in the top ten here and vote for your favorite.  The instructions for this craft are here.

What will you create with this fabulous recyclable foil?  It's easy to cut with scissors or a die cutting machine and can be painted or sprayed with inks or metal paints.  Add the cut-outs to banners, make a pin or a bracelet, decorate the top of a box or add them to place cards.  There are so many possibilities!  Have fun with this idea!