Friday, May 24, 2019

We're All Ears:: Encapsulated Potential

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.  Today I created a pair of earrings inspired by Erin Prais-Hintz on the We're All Ears post from May.  This is the photo inspiration from the post.  It is Ruth Asawa's wire sculptures.  Read more about her and her amazing art on Erin's post.

Here is a set of earrings that were inspired by Ruth Asawa's sculptures:

This doesn't show any encapsulation, but I like the way they came out.  Getting the globe to sit well on the wire was solved with the bead caps that sit inside the mesh bead.  The next photo shows how they sit in the large hole.

This was a fun challenge, but I was too late to post a photo on the blog.  Go here to see the other designs inspired by this amazing wirework.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Steampunk Butterfly

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm participating in a really fun blog hop using new products from {a vintage girl}.  These vintage and steampunk chipboard shapes are designed by Candy Rosenberg.

No photo description available.

As a designer participating in this blog hop, I received free product to use in my designs.  I used the Wicked Wings, letters from the Alphanumeric sheet and a gear from the Trinkets sheet.  In addition,
I used a canvas, various paints including some from Paper Artsy (from a Seth Apter class) and Perfect Pearls metallic powders.  I created the face using a push mold from Sculpey with some clay from Crayola.

I painted the canvas in layers starting with a dark, brownish red and layered with orange, brown and cream colors added on with a toothbrush.  The chipboard pieces of the butterfly and letters were painted with metallic with added layers of the same paints.  The face was also brushed with metallic and brown.  The body of the butterfly was cut from the chipboard in between the wings.  The arms are pieces of corrugated cardboard.  As the butterfly image morphed and developed (I started out thinking I was creating an angel) as my art pieces tend to do, I decided "emerge" was a good word to go with the butterfly.  Then, it needed a chrysalis from which to emerge.  I played with more corrugated cardboard, but that didn't look quite right and finally decided on twisted pieces of natural tissue paper.

Terry Ricioli

Thanks, Candy, for the opportunity to play with your new products!  I had so much fun!  Happy Birthday!

Now, browse our blog hop and see all the other fabulous designs using these fantastic new products.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Beachcombing Necklace

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.  I am pleased to be able to share one of my necklace designs with you today.  This one is published in the June/July issue of Beadwork in the Fast and Fabulous section.

I love the ocean and visit as often as I can.  But, when I can't visit, I like reminders of it - a shell, a piece of driftwood, a shiny rock or sea glass.  With this necklace, I've created a collection of elements you might find on the beach - a piece of driftwood, different types of shells and sea glass beads.  But, the matte beads in the necklace weren't churned by the ocean.  I used etchall® dip 'n etch to create the soft, matte surface on shiny, glass beads.  It's so easy and quick to do this (15 minutes!) and I love the look.  Go to this post to see the easy process or search my blog for etched jewelry.

Beachcombing Necklace
Close-up showing etched beads
Close-up of the bottom of the necklace
I really had a lot of fun making this one.  It's a freeform style that's open to whatever you have around as far as shells, wood chips and beads. And it's all knotted making it easy and quick to do.

Here it is hanging on a wooden stand:

The editors and photographers at Beadwork did a fabulous job of photographing and showing the details of this necklace, so I hope you'll check out the magazine.  You can get it in print and digital.

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Rinea Foil Blog Hop


Today I'm participating in a blog hop with the Designer Crafts Connection.  We're featuring Rinea Foiled Paper in our designs.

It was so much fun to create this card for the hop.  My inspiration was this dancing girl paper doll.  It's a happy card that you could use for a birthday or spring.  Rinea foiled paper is the perfect material for a bright and cheery card.

"I hope you dance"
To create this card, adhere two layers of Starstruck to your card blank.  The Marigold Orange layer is 1/8" in from the edge, and the Turquoise is 1/4" in from the edge.  The sizes will depend on your card blank.

Cut small pieces of Emerald and Starstruck Jade and layer on the bottom of the card.  These were cut freehand.  This is a good place to use up some scraps.

Die cut flowers of your choice from two or three different pink Starstruck foils (Fuchsia and Blush).  Arrange and glue flowers at their centers leaving petals free.  Add glue to centers with a toothpick and add sequins.  Add more sequins on the background.

Paint dancing paper doll dress with a wash of pink paint.  Let dry and glue in the center.

Write a sentiment on the inside of your choice.  I like "I hope you dance".

Join the blog hop and see all the other beautiful projects here when we hop on April 18.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Foil Paper Irises

Hi folks!

UPDATE:  I made it into the finalists (WooHoo!) in the Best Blogger Contest!  Go here
to see all the project finalists and vote for your favorite!  I'd love to have your vote!

Today I'm sharing a flower sculpture that I made with Rinea foiled paper.  This paper is perfect for making flowers because it cuts and shapes easily and holds its shape.  And, you can't beat the beautiful colors!  I'm looking forward to making more flowers with Rinea foil.
Foil Paper Irises

This design is now on  You can find the instructions here.  This project was created as part of the Best Blogger contest sponsored by FaveCrafts.  Finalists will be announced on April 15 and then the contest is open for voting.  There are some great prizes for the winners, so wish me luck!

Need more craft ideas?  Select a free newsletter from FaveCrafts and enjoy more project ideas.  (This is an affiliate link and I get a small amount if you sign up for a newsletter.  Thanks!)

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Working in Wire


Thanks for stopping by!

Today I'm sharing some wirework that I did for the Now That's a Jig! monthly challenge with Brenda Schweder and the JigUFacturers.  I got to work with the jig when I participated in the Project Embellish challenge at Creativation in January.

This month's theme was desert greenery-inspired.  Here's the photo collage from the challenge.
Image may contain: plant and outdoor
There is such variety in the desert, and sometimes, you get the impression that there is no color.  You just have to look a little harder for the color in some seasons, but the textures are always there.

I don't have a Now That's a Jig! (yet), but working with the small plastic jig I had and some pliers, I shaped a saguaro cactus in brass wire.  Then, I took a smaller gauge of wire and wove it across the frame.  I bent the smaller gauge with pliers back and forth to crinkle it.

Here's how that came out:
I brushed the brass wire with Moss Patina from Ranger Inks.  It turned out pretty bright, and needed some bright cactus flowers.  I used some howlite beads and tied them on with waxed thread.
Right now it's hanging from a brass jump ring and silk ribbon, but that may change.
This was a fun challenge and like all challenges, stretched my creative ability.  What creative stretches are you trying?  Gotta keep those artistic muscles in shape!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Burlap and Lace with Sparkle

Hi Everyone!

Today, I'm creating some quick and easy wedding ideas using trims and accessories from Expo International.

Here's what I received:

When I saw these trims, the colors just said wedding d├ęcor to me.  But, I like a more rustic look , so I decided to add some burlap to the lace and sparkle.

I wrapped a mason jar to hold a bouquet or a candle and made a matching napkin ring, which combines burlap ribbon with the lace and the daisy trim that I received.  I love the fresh look of the daisy trim against the burlap.  It would be so cute for a country wedding or bridal shower.
Napkin Ring and Wrapped Mason Jar
These are very easy to create.  Just cut the burlap ribbon to fit the jar and napkin.  Then, glue lace to the back of the ribbon.  Glue the ends to create a ring, then adhere the daisy trim.

This embroidery hoop orb decoration can be used to decorate the table or hung above it.

To construct this hoop decoration, paint an embroidery hoop white, then sand the edges to show some of the wood.  Glue the smaller hoop inside the larger with hot glue.  Glue ivy and flowers of your choice inside the hoop and on top.  Glue the bird among the flowers inside the hoop  Add pieces of burlap ribbon, pieces of lace and loops of the rhinestone and pearl trim in the top arrangement.  For this hoop decoration, I used the white dove accent, the rhinestone and pearl trim and pieces of the organza and lace trim.

Here are the links to the trims I used:

Krystal Rhinestone Daisy Trim
Alessana 1/8" Rhinestone and Pearl Trim
6" x 5" White Dove Bird Accent
Organza and Lace Trim

And, there were a few that I received that I didn't use in this set:

3-D Mini Bow Sequin Applique
Sequin Trim
Asai 1/2" Centerpiece Rhinestone Trim
Lorlana Baby PomPom Fringe

Be sure to check the Expo International facebook page.  There are frequent giveaways of selections of their wonderful trims.  Here's the current one:

Our next spring assortment pack is ready! We’re giving away this awesome assortment of fun trims and patches to one lucky winner!
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Giveaway not sponsored or affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.

So cute!  But, better hurry and get in soon!  The deadline is noon on Friday, but if you miss this one, there are a couple of giveaways a month.