Saturday, April 17, 2010

Denim Flower

Hi Crafters!
Here's a fun project for Mother's Day!
I love to re-use stuff that outgrown its original purpose. I designed this fun flower using old denim jeans and some worn buttons, but it would be fun to try with other fabrics and centers as well. Have fun with it and make one for all the moms in your life!

The flower is made with an Amate Studios Bottle Cap Pendant. I used this because it is deep enough to hold the layers of denim and push the flower petals up. You can wear it as a pendant or glue on a pin back and wear it as a pin. I think it would look great hanging from or pinned to a straw bag for summer. (You can find more about all the different shapes of pendants that they carry at )

Denim Flower Pendant

Bottle Cap Pendant (PN-186)

Old denim, 3” by 8” piece


Glue (G-S Hypo Cement used in sample)

Old metal buttons, ¾” and ½”


1. Cut two 3” circles and one 2” circle. These do not have to be perfect circles. Cut four petals in the large circles by cutting into the circle leaving the center together. Shape petals. Make each one a little different than the others. On the small circle, make 1” deep cuts around the circle creating fringe with varying widths.

2. Sand the edges of the flowers with sandpaper to fray and distress them.

3. Glue one large flower into the pendant pressing it into the pendant to shape the flower allowing petals to overlap. Glue second large flower center over the first with the petals placed in the gaps of the first flower’s petals. Place fringed small circle into the center rolling it to fit and allow the fringe to overlap.

4. Stack the buttons and glue into the center of the flower. Push buttons down into the pendant and hold until glue sets.

5. To wear as a pendant, add a chain or leather cord. To wear as a pin, glue a pin back to the back of the pendant with metal glue.

A note for using this project with children:
To modify this project for children, use a plastic cap from a milk carton, paper or lighter cloth for the flowers, bright buttons and an adhesive-backed pin.