Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A new project

Hi crafters!

I'm always up for a new craft challenge. And, I'm so proud of my progress on this new project that I just had to show and tell!

I'm making a knitted headband for my granddaughter. It has yarnovers and slipped stitches. And, it's on #3 needles! Now, that's progress for me in relearning and expanding my knitting skills. It's not just garter stitch anymore!

One thing my knitting group has recommended to me as they watched me knit with my old, long aluminum needles are bamboo needles. And, now, I can see what they meant. Those long needles are just irritating on smaller projects. I like the grip of the bamboo needles, too.

So, you can teach an old crafter new tricks! Thanks, ladies!

What new skills are you learning?

Keep on crafting (and learning!),


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall is in the air!

Hi all!

The change to fall weather has arrived a few days earlier than the calendar schedule. Mother Nature has her own way! On this side of the United States, the summer was cooler than normal, so this early rain and cool temperatures aren't helping our crops to ripen. But, it has happened before and will happen again. It's farm life; you are at the will of the seasons for the most part.

So, that's the farming side of my life. As for the nature-lover and crafter side, I welcome the change of seasons. I love the way the first rain settles the summer's dust and washes the air clean sending up a luscious wave of damp and earthy odors from the falling leaves. Bright, warm colors start to emerge amid the greens. I start thinking about combining wonderful shades of gold and russet red into my designs and shaping leaves from all sorts of different materials like paper, copper sheets and printed fabrics.

And, on the home side, there's nothing like rain for making the house feel like a warm haven of light and peace against the storm and clouds of autumn.

I'm ready for a walk through the woods to collect a few turning leaves and graying branches to decorate the table. Or, for a steaming bowl of soup made from the ripening acorn squash and sprinkled with freckles of nutmeg. It's time to make a plaid scarf combining the rich colors of autumn in fleecy yarns and metallic fibers.

Happy fall and, of course, happy crafting!