Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pretty Palettes Challenge for August

Hi friends,

The Pretty Palettes inspiration for August is a wonderful color palette based on a basket of blueberries.  Beautiful!
{ berry hues } image via: @djmight
{ berry hues } image via: @djmight
Here are the beads that Erin Prais-Hintz selected for the color palette.aug2016_beadspalette2

Here are the beads that I selected.  I picked up Bliss Beads from Halcraft at my local Joann's.  My time is limited right now since we're in the midst of our annual harvest, not of blueberries, but of grapes, and Joann's is closer.
And, here's the necklace that I created with them.  I tried to capture the look of a cluster of ripening blueberries in this simple tassel necklace.
Blueberry Tassel Necklace
Here's a close-up to show the tassel.
Blueberry Tassel Necklace

The larger blue beads are the ripe blueberries and the smaller ones are in various stages of ripeness! 
I added cobalt patina from Ranger to some of the bead caps.  I'd like to add a pair of earrings when I get some time - maybe in October!

Thanks for the challenge, Erin! 

To take a look at everyone's scrumptious blueberry designs, go to the Pretty Palettes::August Reveal.

Friday, August 19, 2016

We're All Ears :: August Challenge

Hi everyone!

Today I'm playing along with the We're All Ears Challenge for August on the Earrings Everyday site.  Our challenge this month is to create earrings evoking a campfire. 

Here's a pic from the challenge:
[Photo Credit :: Alex Holt :: Unsplash]
This one captures a lot of wonderful memories of times around the campfire for me.  Camping was a big part of my life as a child.  Most of our family vacations involved camping.  And, I continued it with my own family.  Now, my kids are continuing the tradition with their own children.  That just makes me happy as I think of the traditions passed on through the generations.

I created earrings that capture the glow and warmth of the fire and these memories.  I happened to be working with some copper sheet and had cut and hammered some rectangles.  These make a reflective backdrop for some swinging Swarovski crystals.  A wire-wrapped wood bead represents the firewood and contrasts with the copper and crystal. 
Dancing Embers Earrings

Here's a couple of photos that shows the reflection of the crystals on the copper.
Dancing Embers Earrings
Dancing Embers Earrings
What a fun challenge!  Thanks, Erin!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Book Review: Wanderlust - Travel Inspired Jewelry

Hi friends!

Today I'm reviewing a jewelry craft book I received from Leisure Arts entitled Wanderlust .  These easy travel-inspired jewelry designs  are created with different destinations in mind.  Whether you like the beach, the wide open west or you are more of a city person and favor New York or Paris, there is something for you in this book.  You can create them to wear in your travels or in remembrance of them.
I especially recommend this book for those who are new to jewelry making.  The only skill needed to create these jewelry designs is opening and closing jump rings.  That's it!

The designs were created by the very accomplished Lena Prima, a singer, recording artist, songwriter, artist and author.  She also has her own line of jewelry "Pennies from Heaven".  Her jewelry line is named in remembrance of her father, Louis Prima, who was a famous singer.  Depending on your age, you may remember his rendition of "Pennies from Heaven".  If you are younger, you'll remember the song "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney's The Jungle Book.

Here's the design I chose as inspiration.  It's called New England Weekend, and I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming fall season.  Plus, I happened to have some of these brass leaves in my stash!
New England Weekend
This set is created with beaded chain, which makes it super quick and easy.  I didn't have that, so I created my own chain with beads in fall colors.  Turning a simple loop is the only added skill. 

Here's my version:

You might notice that there is some variation in the color of the leaves.  I added some brown alcohol ink to give the leaves more interest and dimension.  I added more dimension by curling and twisting the leaves with pliers.  These filigree leaves are so easy to bend, you can do it with your fingers.

Here's another photo of the necklace in different light.

You can see the effect of the bending and the ink more clearly on my earrings.  You could also use patinas on these leaves for interesting effects.

I recommend this book especially for those of you new to jewelry making.  With the use of only one skill and pre-made chains and components, you will become a jewelry maker in no time!  Those who are more skilled will also find lots of great ideas.  You'll love the looks created with layered necklaces and chains to create a trendy fashion statement.

Have fun creating travel-inspired jewelry while you listen to Lena's music.  You can find this book on the Leisure Arts website here.  And, listen to the wonderful song styling of Lena Prima here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

JOY Iron-On Letters

Hi Crafty Friends!
It's been a busy summer and it's been awhile since I shared the projects that I design for JOY Iron-on letters, so I thought I'd catch you up on what I've been up to in that area.  As a design team member, I receive these letters free but you can find them at craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I decorated some chip clips with the letters.  It's a very quick and easy project and great for a gift.  I use mine all the time!
Chip Clips
Another item I created with these handy letters is a monogrammed Luggage Tag.  Here I used two different sizes of letters and overlapped them on the denim tag that I made.
Luggage Tag
And, I created a little reminder sign with multiple fonts and colors.  This sign shows some of the fonts and colors available from JOY.  You can make one with your favorite word like "dream" or "love".  Take a look at their website for their full line of letters and appliques.  You can also find the letters at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
Multifont Sign
You can use these letters everywhere whether you are organizing, labeling or creating for a special occasion.  Click on the links below the photos to go to the blog for instructions and tips for making the above projects.
Have fun creating!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Key to the Garden Necklace now Downloadable

Hi friends!

I am so thrilled to tell you that my Key to the Garden Necklace that was published in Jewelry Stringing 2016 is now available through Interweave as a download! 
Key to the Garden Necklace
You can order the design instructions at the link under the photo.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fall Jewelry Designs

Hi everyone,

I thrilled to announce that I have a couple of jewelry designs in the fall issues of magazines. 

The first is a necklace in a vintage style in the popular rose gold metal color .  You can find this necklace in Craft Ideas.

Here's my necklace:
Layered Rose Gold Necklace
Elegant, with subtle, soft colors, this necklace would flatter everyone and go with all the fall hues.

The second design is in the fall issue of Stringing magazine. 
Here's the bracelet:

Leather Flower Bracelet
As you can see, I like to create in different styles.  I think this bracelet would be great with jeans of a casual fall outfit.  Which style do you like best?  Which would you wear?

Hope you are taking time to be creative!  Look for these magazines at your local craft store or get the e-version online.