Friday, January 11, 2019

Project Embellish Challenge


Every year in January, I head to Creativation -the craft and hobby trade show.  It's a great time to take classes, view the latest craft supplies and meet up with clients and other designers.  This year is especially exciting.  I have been accepted to compete in the Project Embellish challenge on the show floor.

We will have three hours to complete a jewelry piece with the materials and tools provided.
Brenda Schweder, creator of Now That's a Jig!, is the originator of the challenge.  There will be six of  us competing and we must create a jewelry piece in three hours!  As someone who designs slowly, this will be quite a challenge for me!  No second guessing, no sleeping on it, no staring at it for a couple of weeks!

Project Embellish
I will be competing against some fabulous designers - Jen Cushman, Cat Kerr, Carol Foldvary-Anderson, Kymona Tracey and Monica Pena.   These designers have such a variety of styles and techniques, they are sure to create some unique and amazing pieces of wearable art!  All of our pieces will be auctioned off at the Association for Creative Industries show in Phoenix.  The proceeds of the auction will be donated to Beads of Courage.  We get to have fun and do good - what's better than that!

To view more about the challenge and see the latest updates from the show, check out Project Embellish Challenge on Facebook.  And, wish me luck!