Monday, May 2, 2011

Silver Leaves Necklace

Hi Crafters!

Today is the posting day for the Designer Crafts Blog Connection, so I hope you'll travel around the blog-o-sphere and view all the new blog posts(no spacesuit needed!). There will be new ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day and other celebrations. With over 60 designers participating, I'm sure you'll find something you'll want to try!

This month I'm sharing a necklace that I designed using paper bags. I've found that paper bags are very versatile, and lately, I've been making jewelry with them. Here's one that you can find in the pages of the June issue of Crafts 'n things.

The instructions are found on pages 76 and 77 of the June issue. Yes, you'll have to buy the magazine, but it is a treasure trove of great ideas in all sorts of craft areas. And, I hope to post more paper bag ideas with instructions in the future.

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Happy crafting!