Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop Week 4: Fall Frame

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all enjoying the company of family and friends and sharing a bountiful feast!

Here's my contribution to the blog hop for Week 4. We used another of Eileen Hull's fun die cuts to create a layered frame. You can see the frame here. You can also find the assembly instructions and a layout of the pieces at the same link. It comes with a lot of pieces and I chose to use just the back two pieces of the set to create my frame. The rest I will use later for a refrigerator magnet frame to show off photos of my granddaughter!

I covered the back of the frame with a piece of scrapbook paper. I painted the front piece heavily with dark green paint, then I painted it with red paint. I let that dry and sanded it here and there to expose the underlying green paint. I also dabbed the edges of the back with the red paint. I glued small strips of cardboard to the back of the front piece. This allows me to slide a photo or other paper in and out of the frame. Then, I glued the strips to the back.

To make the leaves, I backed sections of the leaf paper with cardstock, gluing them together with tacky glue. Then, I trimmed out the leaves. While still damp from the glue, I bent and folded them to give them dimension. Then, I glued them to the frame. To complete the frame, slide in a photo or your favorite saying.
Thanks for stopping by, and, again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop Week 3: Fab Flower Cuff

Hi Everyone!
Without further ado, here's what I created with some of the Beauty Bloom die cuts I received for the blog hop:

Besides the die cuts from Sizzix which included pieces of a Xotic Felt(TM) and fabric from Brenda Pinnick's own fabric line by Henry Glass and Co., I used an aluminum bracelet cuff blank, bias tape, thread and needle, hot glue and some beads all from my personal supplies.

I wrapped the cuff with the bias tape and glued the end:
Then, I took some of the felt pieces and gathered them in the center and at the points to give them dimension. I used a needle and thread and a few stitches, but you could pinch them together with your fingers and glue them. Then I stitched a couple of beads to the center of a fabric flower and stacked the parts together. I glued the stack to the center of the cuff. I made two smaller flowers in the same manner and glued one on each side of the main flower.

Here are more views of the cuff to show the smaller flowers.

Don't forget to click on the Sizzix blog button and see all the other fabulous creations! Happy hopping!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Preview of our next Sizzix project

Hi Everyone!
I'm having so much fun with this next project on the Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop! This week we're working with a flower die. It's the Beauty Bloom die (#655455) by Brenda Pinnick. Each of us designers received a baggie full of die cuts in paper, felt and fabric. The fabric is Brenda's own line of fabric. Each designer received a different selection. Here's what I received:

I love the color combination; it's definitely going to be a summer-themed project. Or, maybe something you can wear on a cruise to the Caribbean. Oops, I almost gave it away! You'll have to wait and see the actual project on Thursday!

Until then,

Happy crafting!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop Week 2: Origami Paper Ornament

Welcome to Week 2 of the incredible Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop!
Here's my creation this week--an origami paper ornament! I decided this cube would make a great hanging lantern ornament. So, I decorated it with some beautiful origami paper, gold trim, fan filigrees, a few beads and a sparkly thread tassle.

To make this ornament, I used the die cut provided by Sizzix: Twist Cube, 3D Pop-up, Bigz XL die #656739 by Karen Burniston. It was made using Die Cuts with a View cardstock. I put the cube together without the rubber band since I wanted a static (non-moving) cube. Before I closed it up, I made wire assemblies to hold the hanger at the top and the tassel at the bottom. I put a 6" length of 22 gauge black craft wire (Toner Crafts) through a large 2-hole button like this:

Then I wrapped the short tail around the longer tail and trimmed the excess wire.
Slide this assembly through the hole in the bottom of the box so that the button is on the inside. You won't see the button, so don't use a nice one. Add a large-holed bead over the wrap on the outside and another bead of your choice. I used a bicone that fits into the large hole. Then make a large wrapped loop. These beads are from The Beadery. This is the bottom of the box before the addition of the tassel. Before you close and seal the top, make another button and wire assembly for the top and slide it through the top hole.

To decorate the sides of the box, I cut a sheet of origami paper from Yasutomo into 4 equal squares. The sheet I used was not quite a 6" square so the square did not cover the sides. I glued trim (Wrights) around the paper to add sparkle and cover the edges. Then, I glued some fan filigrees (Cousin Corp.) to the top and tied on some strands of thread (Kreinik) with an overhand knot at the bottom. A loop of the same thread is added at the top loop for hanging.
Try this for you Christmas tree or as a decoration for Chinese New Year!
Happy crafting,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sizzix Triple-Play Blog Hop Sneak Peek

That's a mouthful! I bet you can't say that three times fast!

Just a quick note to show you what we'll be working on for this Thursday's hop. This is an amazing little invention by Karen Burniston: A pop-up cube! Can't wait to see everyone's designs. There are some amazing designers on this hop!

Until Thursday, happy crafting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop Week 1: Gingerbread House

Here it is at last! The Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop! Here's what I designed with the 3D House die cut.
I had so much fun with this; I could have gone on and on with all the different ideas that I had. I wanted to create a whole village!
To create this Gingerbread House, I used the die cut I received from Sizzix. All other materials were purchased.

If you want to create your own, you'll need:

Sizzix supplies:
#656836 Sizzix Scoreboards Pro Die - House, 3D, by Eileen Hull
Sizzix 12x12 matboard, white
Sizzix Big Shot Pro die cutting machine
Then, I added:
Acrylic paint in a gingerbread color (I mixed two Plaid Folk Art(R) paints - Terra Cotta and English Mustard in equal amounts.)

Dimensional Fabric Paint in white for the frosting (Tulip Slick(R))

Multicolored faceted rondelles (Darice(R))

Double-sided tape

Tacky glue (Aleene's(R))

White craft foam glued to a piece of foam board for the base
Optional items: Small scrap of yellow tissue paper, small bow from thread or yarn, small pieces of colored craft foam, a small tree, fluffy stuffing
Tools needed:
Scissors, paintbrush, waxed paper

General Instructions:
Create the house following the general instructions using double-sided tape to hold it together except for the door and window frames and the fence. Cover work surface and paint the house with acrylic paint and let dry. Glue small squares of yellow tissue paper over the window openings
Place the window and door frames on waxed paper and add dimensional paint. Let dry separately. Add the dimensional paint to the house in the patterns of your choice and let dry. Glue the door and window frames in place. Add dots and lines of dimensional paint and place rondelles as desired. Add a circle of paint and place green rondelles for a wreath. Add a small bow to the wreath. Add more paint above the windows and door and anywhere you need to cover up an oopsie!
When dry, glue house to base. Cut the tabs off the fence piece. Measure 1/2" up from the base of the fence and draw a line. Cut the fence on this line. Trim the top edges to match the center pickets of the fence. Trace this piece onto the piece you cut off the bottom and clip the points on this piece of fencing. Glue these pieces on either side of the door. Cut small pieces of colored craft foam for the stepping stones and glue these between the fences. Add dimensional paint lines around the base of the house, around the stones and on the fence.
Add a small tree and other miniature ornaments around the house or cut small gingerbread people from mat board and paint to match.

Now, it's time to hop to the next fun design! Just click on the navigation button at the top of my blog to go forward or backward to the next blog. And, here's a link to the Sizzix master list.

Happy hopping!