Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spa Day - April Pretty Palettes


The inspiration for this month is a cool, calm palette to go with the Spa Day theme.  The colors are muted and soft.

Molly Schaller picked some lovely beads from these colors.

I love natural beads whether gemstones like the amazonite here or wood or shell.  And, those painted agate pendants are calling loudly to me!  Halcraft's new diffuser pendants will add a soothing aroma to any creation.

Unfortunately, I waited too long to order some of these beads, and they were sold out.  So, I used some of the stash that I already had.

Here's what I created:
Spa Day Necklace
I used faceted, round and stick amazonite beads, aqua agate rounds, some white star-shaped lava beads, pale pink shell rounds and some howlite in different sizes.  To make the pendant, I drilled a piece of driftwood and hung a shell from it.  The beads are strung on white waxed linen with brushed silver chain and clasp.  It's a very relaxing color palette - perfect for a day at the the spa or the beach!

Check out the other designs inspired by this palette on the Halcraft Collection facebook page.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Etching and upcycling

Hi crafty people!

I'm always looking for things around the house that I can use in my etching.  I wanted something small that I could add to a mixed media piece I had in mind.  Then, I remembered some old microscope slides leftover from my science classes.  Perfect!

I found a stencil that would fit the slide and adhered it.

Then, I masked the slide around the stencil with tape.  This is an important step as even a touch of the etchall® etching crème will leave an etched spot.

After masking, I applied the etchall® etching crème.

After 15 minutes, I scraped the crème back into the jar and rinsed the slide.  Then, I removed the stencil and rinsed it again.

Here is the etched slide.  I used Rub 'n Buff in Pewter to add some color to the etching.  And, because the edges of the slide are a little rough, I decided to wrap it with some copper tape.
Etched Slide
I painted a small canvas with ColoriQue pigment inks using Pacific Ocean, Snow Summit and Frisco Bay.
I added some comets, stars and a swirl with a white paint pen to give it a night sky appearance.  I also added some Frisco Bay and Pacific Ocean to the copper tape around the edge of the slide.  Then, I glued the slide to the center of the canvas.

I added some eye screws to the top and tied on some yarn for hanging.  And, I added a few more white dots with, of all things, an old white-out pen.  How's that for upcycling!
Dream Canvas
It's so easy to add a message window in etched glass to your mixed media.  What will you create with etchall® etching crème?

Monday, April 9, 2018

A new design team!

Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to let you know that I'm now part of  the ColoriQue Design Team.  And, I will be designing jewelry!!

Here is the Rockin' Design Team:
Lisa Marie Jimenez Design Team 2018

And, here is the Rockin' Promotion Team:

Read more about all the members of the design teams on the blog.  They are an amazingly talented group and I am excited to see what they will create.

Here are a few of the colors and metals I received as part of the design team.
These are not all of the colors, but I already had some and have used it in a couple of my jewelry designs - here and here.

The team's first challenge will be to upcycle an object to use in their design.  Watch for the new designs in May on the Lisa's blog.
Happy Creating!