Monday, October 3, 2011

Feather Mask

Hi Everyone!
It's time for our first Monday of the month blog hop, and this month the theme is Halloween.  As a kid, I loved dressing up for Halloween, so I decided to make a mask this month. 

I started with a fabric-covered mask, some feathers and sequins.  You'll also need some tacky glue and fabric paint.
I removed the elastic cord from the mask and painted the mask.

Then, I started to glue the feathers onto the mask starting in the center.  I glued longer ones in the center and shorter ones along the sides. 

Along the way, I decided to make a change.  This happens frequently when I design!  I thought the paint color wasn't bright and sparkly enough, so I painted over the first color.  Much better!  Then, I glued on some sequins and added some cord for ties.

Now, I'm ready for the ball.  And, I've got lots of feathers left for earrings!

Take a look around the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop this month; there's a lot going on!  Several designers are participating in a Westcott(R) challenge and creating crafts with Velcro(R) and Duck Brand(R) tape.  There's a giveaway from Westcott(R), so be sure to keep your eyes open for that!
Happy Crafting,