Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Minute Gift Idea

Hi Crafters!

Are you like me - looking for a last minute gift?  I usually make earrings, but this year I made these easy cell phone charms.  They are super quick to make and good for those who don't wear earrings.  And, you can use up bits and pieces of chain, unmatched charms and leftover beads to create them. 
I used a cell phone charm holder as a base, but you could use a key ring or a lobster clasp as a base.  I opened the jump ring on the holder and slid on the ring from a toggle clasp.  Then I attached pieces of chain to the ring with jump rings.  Attach charms, dangles and beads of your choice to the ends of the chain. 

That's all there is to it!  They make a great last minute stocking stuffer or package decoration.  And, you can attach them to anything from a pair of scissors to your purse or zipper or backpack!

Happy Crafting!
Have a great Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Nativity Ornament

Hi Crafters!

Happy December and welcome to another round of the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!  This month we're making handmade gifts.  I'm sure you'll find a wonderful variety of super crafts just in time for the holidays. 

I had my kid crafters over last Friday and this is what we made.  It's my version of a craft stick Nativity Ornament.  You'll find it quick and easy to do and the kids will have fun with it. 

You'll need:
Wood pieces:  14 craft sticks, 2 wooden spoons or medium ovals, small oval, 2 medium circles and one small circle, star
Paint:  brown, yellow, face color, black
Cloth scraps
A small amount of wood fiber
Tacky glue
Twine for hanging loop
Tools:  paintbrush, toothpick, scissors

First, lay out the sticks and cut or snap off to size.  I used Skill Sticks(R) that you can snap apart.  If you use popsicle stitcks, have an adult use a pair of scissors to cut them.  Arrange your sticks to create a point in the center.  I've used ten sticks for the back.

Next, paint the roof and cross beams brown and the star yellow.

Glue the cross beams in place.

Snap or cut off the ends of the roof beams and glue them in place with a small piece of stick under them in the center. 

Cut the ends off the wooden spoons and paint the faces.  I liked the natural wood for the faces, but the eyes will bleed into the wood lines if you don't put a coat of paint on first.  Add the dots for eyes with the end of a toothpick.

Glue the heads onto the bodies.

Cut out rectangles of cloth for the clothing.  For Mary, you'll need a dress and veil.  For the baby, I used a strip of cloth for the swaddling clothes.  For Joseph, I used a piece of plaid flannel.  You could add a head scarf, too.

Wrap and glue the clothes around the figures and glue them in place on the stable.  I used some wood fiber for hay under the Baby Jesus, but you can use crinkled paper or raffia.  Glue on the star.  Add a twine loop for hanging.

Enjoy hopping around the Designer Crafts Connection blogs to see more fun handmade crafting!

Happy Advent!
Happy Crafting!