Saturday, April 21, 2018

Etching and upcycling

Hi crafty people!

I'm always looking for things around the house that I can use in my etching.  I wanted something small that I could add to a mixed media piece I had in mind.  Then, I remembered some old microscope slides leftover from my science classes.  Perfect!

I found a stencil that would fit the slide and adhered it.

Then, I masked the slide around the stencil with tape.  This is an important step as even a touch of the etchall® etching crème will leave an etched spot.

After masking, I applied the etchall® etching crème.

After 15 minutes, I scraped the crème back into the jar and rinsed the slide.  Then, I removed the stencil and rinsed it again.

Here is the etched slide.  I used Rub 'n Buff in Pewter to add some color to the etching.  And, because the edges of the slide are a little rough, I decided to wrap it with some copper tape.
Etched Slide
I painted a small canvas with ColoriQue pigment inks using Pacific Ocean, Snow Summit and Frisco Bay.
I added some comets, stars and a swirl with a white paint pen to give it a night sky appearance.  I also added some Frisco Bay and Pacific Ocean to the copper tape around the edge of the slide.  Then, I glued the slide to the center of the canvas.

I added some eye screws to the top and tied on some yarn for hanging.  And, I added a few more white dots with, of all things, an old white-out pen.  How's that for upcycling!
Dream Canvas
It's so easy to add a message window in etched glass to your mixed media.  What will you create with etchall® etching crème?

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