Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A new project

Hi crafters!

I'm always up for a new craft challenge. And, I'm so proud of my progress on this new project that I just had to show and tell!

I'm making a knitted headband for my granddaughter. It has yarnovers and slipped stitches. And, it's on #3 needles! Now, that's progress for me in relearning and expanding my knitting skills. It's not just garter stitch anymore!

One thing my knitting group has recommended to me as they watched me knit with my old, long aluminum needles are bamboo needles. And, now, I can see what they meant. Those long needles are just irritating on smaller projects. I like the grip of the bamboo needles, too.

So, you can teach an old crafter new tricks! Thanks, ladies!

What new skills are you learning?

Keep on crafting (and learning!),


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