Friday, December 29, 2017

Coffee Filter Angel

Hello and Happy New Year!

I love angels and every once in awhile, I just have to create one.  (See my Pinterest board for some of the other angels I've created.)

Now is the perfect season to create one - or a bunch - and I've had this idea "brewing" in my mind for awhile!  (I know, it's a bad pun!)

For this craft, you will need a foam cone (9"), a foam ball (2") and fluted coffee filters.  You can use unbleached filters like I did or white ones if you like.
Materials for Angel
You will also need some craft basics - craft or paper glue, toothpicks and scissors.  You can also use sequin pins or straight pins to attach the coffee filters.  And, of course, add embellishments of your choice.

To start, cut into a coffee filter and cut around the center. 
Wrap the ruffle around the base of the cone.

Continue to wrap the ruffled filters around the cone overlapping as you go.  Pin or glue at the back and trim any extra.  You can also use tape.
Here is the base of the angel.  Press any extra filter down on the top of the cone.

(Or, you could make a cute tree with this.  The fun thing about coffee filters is that they are so easy to color with things like paint or dyes, even food coloring.)  (See my Coffee Filter Turkey for more ideas on dying with food coloring.)

For the head, place the foam ball in the center and wrap to the back.  The smooth center will be the face.

Adhere the filter to the ball as you wish and trim the excess.  It doesn't have to be neat because hair will cover the back.  Now, push a toothpick into the ball and push the other end into the top of the cone.

For the arm, fold a filter in half and roll it up.  Do the same for the other side.  Glue the edges and attach to the angel on either side.  If you want a less bulky sleeve, cut the coffee filter in half.

There are any number of ways that you could make the wings, but here's a simple way.  You'll need two filters for each wing.  Fold one filter almost in half; fold the other a third of the way.
Slide the bottom one shown into the top one.  This will give you multiple layers on the edges.

Adjust your folds if necessary, then fold in half.

Make your second one and add glue in between the layers before gluing each wing assembly to the center of the back.

To make the hair, I cut thin strips of the fluted portion of the filters and glued them to the head.  You can curl them up or smooth them to make any hairstyle you like.  Then I added a small piece of filter for a collar.

Here is the angel:
Coffee Filter Angel
Happy New Year!

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