Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crochet Button Bracelet and Earrings

Hi Crafters!

Today I want to show you a design that I had published in Bead-it Today.  If you haven't seen this bead magazine in your local stores, here's a link:  It's inexpensive ($3.99) compared to some of the other beading magazines and specializes in quick and easy, budget friendly projects.  There are some fun and informative articles about beading also.

My design features buttons, which I love to add to my jewelry designs.  But, these buttons are extra special because they look like crocheted flowers.  I have a special place in my heart for these, not only because I love the vintage look, but because my Grandma Rachel used to crochet the most beautiful, delicate roses and flowers in thread crochet.  I combined these crochet flower buttons with brass filigree (another of my faves!), yellow opal beads and some vintage twill tape that I inherited from my other grandmother, Grandma Irene.  (Yes, we are multi-generational savers!  I inherited the gene!)
Design by Terry Ricioli
This design was featured in the April issue of Bead-It Today and entitled "Classical".  If you can't find the magazine at your local craft store, check the website for back issues.
Happy Crafting!

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