Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Craft Ideas: Multi-Stone Bracelet

Hi Crafters!

I have to tell you, I love magazines!  I try to pass them on after awhile so that there aren't too many precarious stacks gathering dust.  I recently let go of some I'd been hoarding and sent them off to a senior center.  But, it was hard - I never know when that particular magazine might provide inspiration or guidance for my next project.  My only thought was - now I have room for more!

One of my favorite magazines is Craft Ideas.  It used to be Crafts 'n things and it's a general craft magazine that's been around a long while.  Not only do you get four issues in print format each year, but they produce digital editions eight times a year also.  That's a lot of projects!  And, you don't have to dust digital magazines!

They just recently released their digital edition highlighting fabric.  There are lots of small projects like pincushions, bags and organizers that would be easy and quick to make plus some larger projects like quilts and stuffed animals.  There's an amazing variety of ideas from a cute bow tie for your doggie to easy felt purses. 

Also included in the Fabric Arts digital issue are some projects that are not fabric-oriented like a crocheted beanie, a room divider, cards, tags, a painting project and some jewelry designs.  Included in the jewelry designs is a bracelet that I designed, a multi-stone bracelet.  This is an easy project for the beginning beader and you can use beads you have left from other projects in any color.  The key to this bracelet is mixing the colors and shapes.

multi-stone bracelet
So, check out Craft Ideas for all kinds of crafty inspiration!
Happy Crafting!

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