Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Buggy

Hi everyone!
Today is the first Monday of the month, and it's time for the Designer Crafts Blog Connection.  Our theme this month is "Party!", so you'll find crafts and designs for baby showers, birthdays and other kinds of celebrations.  Just click on the Designer Crafts button to travel from blog to blog and load up with design inspiration!

Next week, I'm helping with the craft at a baby shower.  We're going to be stamping designs on burp cloths.  So, I thought I'd design a motif that I could use for that.  This little Baby Buggy pattern is very easy to make and is very versatile.  Everything you like in a pattern, right!

First:  Draw a circle on a piece of paper to use for your pattern.  Your circle size will depend on where you want to put the Baby Buggy.  Will it be on a shirt, a burp cloth, a card, a banner, the tablecloth or a gift bag? 

                                                   Here's my circle.  It's about 4" in diameter.

Now, fold the circle in half and cut it along the fold line.  Do the same for one of the halves of the circle.  It should look like this.

                                 You'll use the half and one quarter for your Baby Buggy pattern. 

                                   Then, I used the pattern to cut pieces of compressed sponge.

You can cut circles of sponge or use any round object to stamp the wheels.  I found a spool in my sewing supplies that had just the look I wanted, so I used that for my wheels.  For the handle, I cut a small piece of sponge freehand.

Here it is stamped on fabric.

But, as I said, it's a very versatile pattern, so I thought I'd try it with paper.  I was going to use a dainty print from my scrapbooking paper, but I happened on my stash of recycled papers and decided to go with a more natural look.  So, I cut the same pattern pieces from cardboard hot drink sleeves.  Then, I cut circles for the wheels from a different sleeve.  I glued them to a piece of parchment paper and added buttons with thread ties.  I think I'll glue the parchment to a brown paper bag and add a raffia tie. 

I can't wait to try a few more ideas with this pattern.  I've got some scraps of adhesive-backed print fabric that would make an easy iron-on applique for a diaper bag.  I'll add some lace and buttons for the wheels.  Or, maybe I'll make a gift card with a smaller buggy.  What would you make?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

Hope you enjoy the pattern,
Happy Crafting,


  1. This is just adorable! What a cute idea and so many of us were thinking baby! :)

  2. What a great idea! You never cease to amaze me!