Monday, March 19, 2018

Etched Wind Chime


It's almost spring and time for some new yard décor.  Today, I'm going to etch a wind chime with etchall® dip 'n etch.

I bought a small glass lampshade at my local hardware store.  You might be able to find one in a re-use store or in your own stash from a remodel.  This is the size you might find on a fan or bathroom vanity light.

Since I'm going to dip it into the etching solution, I found a plastic container that would fit the shade.
I put the shade into the container and poured the etchall® dip 'n etch over it.  I let it sit 15 minutes and poured the remaining etching solution back in the bottle.  (It's reusable!)

Here's how it turned out:
I like it just like that, but a little color would be nice in the garden.  I used a diluted solution of alcohol ink to paint the inside and out.  I've had good results with this before on other projects like this teacup votive and this angel.  The color holds up very well.
Now, I need to hang this in order to make a wind chime out of it.  I used a canning ring and  a metal flange from the plumbing department to create the cap.  
I glued the flange inside the canning ring and to the top of the glass shade.  I dabbed alcohol ink on the cap to match the shade.  When it was dry, I knotted beads on both sides of the cap with cotton cord to create the clapper and to hang it.  When the wind blows, the wooden bead hits the side of the bell to chime.

Here it is hanging among the rosemary in my herb garden.
I love to make decorations for the garden.  Next, I'd like to try one of those big dish flowers!  I hope you'll try it.  It's so easy with etchall® dip 'n etch!