Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Upcycled Mixed Media Wall Art

Hi all,

Today I'm sharing a piece I did for the Creating With Joy blog, where we use Joy iron-on letters in our artwork and crafts.  Take a look there for my materials and instructions on how to create your own canvas.

Upcycled Sunflowers
I collect and re-use materials like cardboard coffee sleeves and the foil that seals coffee cans.  (And, a lot of other stuff!)  I like the coffee sleeves as they come in a lot of different textures.  I used three different textures here.  And, the foil is really fun.  It usually has a texture, too; and, it can be cut and bent easily.  The Joy Iron-on letters can be painted or dyed as you like and add a nice dimension to the piece.  So, save some of these fun materials and create your own fall art.  These materials are easy enough for kids to use, too.

(I am a member of the design team for Joy iron-on letters and receive their product with which to create my art.  Check out the Creating with Joy blog for more great ideas from our design team.)

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