Monday, December 7, 2015

Designer Crafts Connection - Handmade Holiday Decorations

Hi folks!

It's the first Monday of the month of December and the designers on the DCC are bringing you some extra-crafty decorations for the holidays!

Here's a few of my holiday ideas to inspire your creativity!

Create a snowman ornament using etched beads:
Etched Snowman
 Or, etch a dome with snowflakes and snow and put your favorite ornaments underneath it:
Etched Snow Dome

 Or, create some country-style decor with burlap, fabric and buttons:
Country Style Christmas Set

And, here's an ornament for the kids to make:

Beaded Star Ornament
These ornaments are up-cycled from plastic lids.  To make them, trace a star on a large plastic lid (coffee can size).  I used a star cookie cutter for the pattern.  Punch holes in the points, mid-center at the star junctions and an inch toward center.  Then, thread craft wire through the points, twist the wire together, add beads and curl the ends.  In the center, pass the wire through the holes and add beads to make a star.  Twist the wire around itself at the back.  These are inexpensive and fun to make.  You can also use thread or cord instead of wire, or use other shapes instead of stars.

I can't wait to get my tree now and start decorating!  I hope you were inspired to begin yours with something new!  Take a look at all the other great ideas from my fellow craft designers here on the blog.

Happy Holidays!

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