Thursday, December 11, 2014

Satin Ball Ornament with Wire

Hi Everyone!  
It's so much fun to see how everyone is decorating their foam balls over at the Holiday Ball on the Smoothfoam blog.  Check it out here! And, if you've created your own ornament using a foam ball, share your creativity by adding a link!

Here's my ornament.  This ornament is easy to decorate and uses a material that you might not think to use to decorate an ornament – craft wire! 

Satin Ball with Wire
Satin Ball on a Stand

Satin Ball    (
Fun Wire™    (
Pins:  pearl head pins or pearls and sequin pins
Acrylic beads:  clear rondelles, antique gold rondelles


Cut gold wire into 3” pieces.  Measure and divide ball into 4 quarters.  Mark with pins or a pen. 

To create “S” shape, use toothpick to start curl and curl ends in opposite directions.  Curl up ends so that shape is 1” long. To create the flat “U” shape, curl both ends in the same direction.  Shape should be about 1” long.  To create “V” shape, fold 3” piece in half and curl ends outward.  You can use a pair of round-nose pliers to begin your curls, or you can use a toothpick.  Craft wire if very easy to curl.

Here are the shapes I made:
Wire Shapes

Arrange pieces of wire on the ball and pin to ball through the swirl and at points.  Use ball head pins or sequin pins with small pearl beads.  
You can see the arrangements that I used from the photos.  I put "S" shapes down two sides.
Side View

On the top and bottom, I arranged "V" shapes.
Top View

And, on the front and back, I arranged "U" and "V" shapes.
Front and Back
Of course, there are lots of other shapes that you can make with the wire.  Try hearts, stars or swirls!  You could even make letters or write a word or name to personalize your ornament!

See all the other ornaments on the Holiday Ball!  There's an ornament using just about every craft material including yarn, paint, paper, cord and fabric.  

Happy Decorating!

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