Monday, December 2, 2013

Designer Crafts Connnection - Lollipop Ornament

Hi Crafty Friends,

Can you use more holiday decorations?  It's the first Monday of the month and the designers in the Designer Craft Connection are all about decorating for the holidays.  This month, I have a French knitter ornament that so quick and easy to do.  You and the kids can make them together, and that makes it even more fun!

Lollipop Ornament 
You can make a whole bunch of lollipops and make a bouquet or string them in a garland! Or, add a loop or hook and hang it in your tree.

Here's how to make one:
You'll need a French Knitter, some cord or yarn, a bamboo skewer, ribbon, paint and hot glue/glue gun.  Tools needed are scissors and a paintbrush.

Knit a cord with your French Knitter to about 14 inches.  Coil it up gluing it together as you go.  Cut a bamboo skewer to the size you like and paint it.  Glue the skewer into the coiled lollipop.  Tie a bow on the stem.  That's it!

If you need a French Knitter, you can get one here at Clover's website or in your favorite craft store.  The cord I used in this ornament is Needloft Craft Cord in Iridescent Pink. 

Happy Handmade Holiday Decorating!

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