Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School!

Hi crafters!

Summer's over and it's back to school! And, just in time are some new projects for September at Amate Studios. I've never seen so many cute pendants! I want to try them all!

My design is a little different than those. I wanted to design something that the kids could hang on their backpacks. So, I used the pendant form for a clip-on spirit tag. It's easy and inexpensive enough for a whole group of kids to make for a rally or game. Or, you can modify the theme and use it for scouting or church groups.

Keep on crafting and learning!


PS Did you notice that I learned something new? On the left hand side of the blog is a new feature that I have named "Links I Like". Coming soon is a listing of great products and fabulous designers.

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