Thursday, January 11, 2018

Etched Tile Coasters

Hi everyone!

Today I am working on some etched tile coasters.  I haven't etched on tile before, so I am looking forward to trying it.  I found these hexagonal tiles at my local hardware store.

To start, I cut out a stencil from etchmask stencil vinyl.  I used a Big Kick from Sizzix and a flower die from Tim Holtz.  The stencil cut perfectly and the etchmask vinyl adhered very well.  I used the squeegee to smooth down the stencil so that no etching crème gets under the stencil.
Etchmask Stencil Vinyl, Coaster, Die and 
Since I used a die with multiple flowers, I didn't have much edge around the flower.  I covered up the edges with some painter's tape.

Now, I can spread etchall® etching crème on the uncovered area of the tile.

The etchall® etching crème starts out as a white crème, but turns brown as it ages.  It still works fine, and when you are done etching (after 15 minutes), scrape the excess back into the jar.  It's re-usable!

Here's the coaster after etching.
Etched Coaster
You can't see the etched surface very distinctly, but with a little color, you'll be able to see the design.  For this design, I am using colored pencils.  The etched area will pick up the pencil easily while the background that is un-etched won't pick it up.  I haven't tried pencils on an etched surface before, so I am excited to see how it works.

Here's the finished coaster. I added washi tape to cover the edges and some felt to protect the tabletop.  And, a spritz of spray fixative will protect your design.
Etched Coaster
I can't wait for spring and a sunny day when I can get out on the patio to use this.

Now, I want to try some more complex stencil designs like tropical fish or paisley patterns.  The sky's the limit!  If you like coloring, you are really going to like this new surface.  And, it's inexpensive, too - great for a group project.  You can often find leftover tiles at a re-use store.   And, it's even easy enough for kids to do the coloring part.

Don't forget your etchall!


  1. Kudos....again you have incorporated new...pencils!!

    Can/will you bring to show??? Thanks!!!

  2. Hello Terry:

    I'm VERY new at this etching stuff, so please bare with me as I ask you a question. Graphite paper and the transfer paper? I googled graphite paper and I got the answer--old fashion carbon paper. Is this right, if not where can I get the graphite paper? I'm not sure as to how to use the transfer sticky paper, will you please tell me how it's done?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Yes, graphite paper is similar to carbon paper except it has graphite (like a pencil). So, you can erase it, which you can't with carbon paper. You can find graphite paper in most art sections of craft stores.
      If by the sticky paper, you mean the etchmask, it is very easy to use. You can trace a design on it and cut it out or run it through a die cutting machine as I did.
      Thanks for the questions! For more details and tutorials, see the website at

  3. Thank you Terry, for the info on the graphite paper. The sticky I was referring to is the clear that is put over top of the vinyl. But I think that I have it figured out now. It keeps the pieces in place, until you're ready to weed it out---great idea! Thanks again. Another question for you, when you do the colored pencil coloring, do you use just regular colored pencils?


    1. Hi again!
      Yes, I used regular colored pencils on the coaster. You will need to coat with a spray sealer to keep the pencil from smearing.

  4. Ok, thanks! I was thinking it would need to be sealed somehow, but I wasn't sure. Is just a clear coat alright to use?