Monday, May 30, 2016

Etch a gift for Dad

Hi Crafty Friends!

When I saw these mugs at my local craft store, I thought they would make the perfect Father's Day gift.

But, they needed a little personalization.  So, I got out my etchall® etching crème and, in no time, I had a personalized gift for Dad!

After I washed and dried the mug, I applied etchall® etching crème to the area within the lip of the label.  I applied a glob of crème in the center of the label area and slowly pulled it out to the raised edge with a toothpick.  Since it's nice and thick, it stayed in place, but you could tape around the lip if you prefer.
You may notice that my etching crème is getting dark.  That's ok, it still works.  After 15 minutes, I scraped as much as I could back into the jar and rinsed the rest off.
Here it is after the etching.  You could write a name or number right on the etched label area, but I wanted to go a little further.  Here was the chance to use some paint I had-- Americana® Chalkboard paint by DecoArt®.

I followed the instructions and painted two layers letting each layer dry in between painting. 
Now, it's ready to personalize. 
I wrote Dad on the chalkboard area with a chalk pencil that I had in my sewing box. Or, try a chalk marker.  Now, add a little decoration - a cute bow tie, twine, or ribbon around the top.  I used a strip of bandana.
Etched Mug

How's that for a quick and easy personalized gift!  Just fill it up with Dad's favorite snacks and gift!  Don't forget to use etchall® etching crème to start the process.  It makes a great base for the chalkboard paint because it provides a rough surface to which the paint can cling.
Etched Mug with etchall®
I think I'd like a whole set of these for summertime.  Everyone could label their own mugs!

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