Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Connie Crystal Challenge: Rhinestone Cuff and Earrings

Hi Crafty Friends!

This month, some of us in the Designer Crafts Connection web ring are creating designs with Connie Crystal products.  It's one of our manufacturer's challenges where a company sends us product and we create a design.  The company involved benefits from the exposure and we get to try some wonderful new products.  To see what we all have created hop around the Designer Crafts Connection ring by clicking forward or backward on the big, blue button to the left of this post.

Here's what I received from Connie Crystal.  They carry a variety of beads, crystals and crystal sheets.  For this project, I'm working with their crystal sheets, which come in black and white.  They are a lightweight, flexible sheet of rhinestones set in plastic cups and held together with a lattice of thread. You can cut them apart with scissors and glue or adhere them to any surface.

Of the many ideas that I brainstormed, I decided on a Rhinestone Cuff and Earrings.  I love how they came out.  They were very quick and easy to make and are perfect for an evening out!
Rhinestone Cuff and Earrings
For the cuff, I used an aluminum cuff blank.  I used Aleene's Peel and Stick Sheets to adhere the crystal sheet to the aluminum cuff.  The only tool you need is a pair of scissors.  Such an easy project!

The earrings are a little more complicated, but not much!  You'll need some jewelry tools:  a wire cutter and two pairs of chain-nose pliers.  Cut chain for the fringe in the lengths you like and cut two more for the chain connection at the top.  Cut two pieces of crystal sheet in the size you like.  Connect them to the piece of crystal sheet with jump rings, add an earring hook, and you're done!  Instant glamour!

I can't wait to try more projects with these Crystal Sheets because they add glamour and sparkle to any project!

Happy Crafting!


  1. great projects, the earrings are adorable, so creative.

  2. Love your creative use of the crystals. Great looking set and the earrings perfect for summer! Lightweight and sparkly!

  3. These are gorgeous Terry! The set would give some serious sparkle to any outfit!