Monday, September 8, 2014

Owl Poppet

Hi Crafty Friends!

Recently I was introduced to a new craft product. You know how I like that!  And, it's a craft material just full of possibilities - even better!  The company is Eye Connect Crafts and they produce chipboard animal shapes called Totem Poppets that can be connected with eyelets or buttons or string.  Since the animal is jointed, you can position the limbs and head as you like. 

Below is what one looks like pulled from the package.  It is laser cut with the holes punched in the pieces.  This is the Totem Owl Poppet and it comes with a moon also.
Totem Owl Poppet
Totem Owl Poppet pieces
You carefully remove the pieces from the sheet and paint or stamp or collage them.  You can use whatever art style or medium you like.  I painted mine and added some pieces of burlap.  Then, I glued them into a wreath.  But, you could put them in a card, in a scrapbook or journal, or grouped with other fall or holiday decorations.  They are so versatile!

After you have added paint or other media, you connect them together.  These are connected with eyelets, but you could use any number of different connectors.  Or, you could glue the pieces together.

Owl Poppet
Here's how I created this owl.  He's a perfect addition for your fall decorating!

Totem Owl Poppet, 1/16” eyelets and eyelet setter (
Acrylic Paint:  Khaki Tan, Buttermilk, Jack-O’-Lantern Orange, Bright Yellow, Milk Chocolate (Americana® by DecoArt®)
Grapevine wreath, 6” (Darice®)
Two buttons, gold or yellow, 3/8”
Black embroidery floss
Small scraps of tan burlap
Tools:  paintbrush, scissors

1.  Basecoat body with Milk Chocolate, wings and head with Khaki Tan and feet and moon with Buttermilk.  Cut two small triangles for beak from extra board and basecoat with Buttermilk.
2.  Cut semicircle of burlap for breast of owl and shape to fit around neck and wing.  Dab and edge with Milk Chocolate and lightly with a mix of Khaki and Orange.  Cut two ½” circles of burlap for eyes.  Dab in center and around edges with Milk Chocolate.
3.  Use a scrap of burlap as a stamp and add Milk Chocolate to wings.  Layer other colors over this.  Do the same in a triangle on the head. 
4.  Layer Yellow and Orange over feet and beak.  Add Khaki and Yellow to moon.  Edge the moon with Milk Chocolate.
5.  Sew black embroidery thread on buttons.
6.  Use the eyelet setter and eyelets to construct the owl following the setter instructions.  Place the right wing under the body. 
7.  Glue the burlap pieces in place.  Glue the buttons over the burlap.
8.  Position the owl wings and head as desired.  Glue owl and moon onto the wreath.

I'm sure you'll want to add these Totem Poppets to your craft projects and I hope you'll take a look at the great variety of animals and shapes available at Eye Connect Crafts.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Very unique! Love what you did with the owl and moon. Awesome wreath and I really like your design.