Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ornament Blog Hop - Glitter Birds

Hi Everyone!

I love to get new ornaments for the house and the tree.  Over the years I have collected quite an assortment of different types and styles from clothespin reindeer the kids made to beautiful Murano glass globes.  

This month is the perfect time to create a new ornament to give as a gift or decorate the house.  Smoothfoam and The Robin's Nest have sponsored this blog hop and sent us designers some great material with which to create.  We started with the Smoothfoam shapes and added beautiful cardstock and Dew Drops from The Robin's Nest.  

I created sparkly little birds that reminds me of the vintage bird ornaments from the 40's and 50's.  I don't usually work with glitter, but I may have to use it more in the future because I love the look of it with the glittery swirls on the paper and the sparkly Dew Drops.  I'd can see a whole flock of these on my tree or added to a pot of poinsettias!

Glitter Birds by Terry Ricioli

I started with a Smoothfoam 2 1/4" egg and a 1" ball.  Besides the cardstock and Dew Drops from the Robin's Nest, you'll need paint, tacky glue, fine glitter, wood teardrop shapes for patterns and a bamboo skewer or wire loop.  Tools needed are scissors, a paintbrush and a serrated craft knife.


On the ball on the side opposite the hole, trim off the side to create a flat spot.  With the hole in the egg down on your work table, slice off a spot on the top of the egg near the large end.  Slice off a small amount on the pointed end of the egg.  The ball is the head and the egg is the body of the bird.

Glue the head (ball) on the body (egg).  Sand the seams to make a smooth surface.

For the red bird:

Paint the bird with two coats of acrylic paint.  For the red bird, I used Tomato Red from Deco Art Americana.  I painted the skewer Sour Apple.

Thin tacky glue with water and paint the bird with it.  Sprinkle glitter over the bird and let dry.

Use wood teardrops to trace and cut shapes for the wings and tail.  Use a marker to color the edge of the paper if you like.  Glue the tail pieces into a fan.  Glue gems to the wings and tail and glue to the bird.

Cut thin strips of paper and wrap around the skewer to curl.  Glue into the hole on top of the head.  Glue gold Dew Drops on the head for the eyes.  Glue two diamond-shaped Dew Drops together for the beak.  Make a hole in the front of the head for the beak and glue the beak into the hole.  Glue diamond-shaped Dew Drops to the front of the body and glue the skewer into the hole on the bottom of the body. 

Poke the skewer into a flower arrangement or wreath.  If you want to hang the bird, push a wire loop or eye pin into the top of the bird between the wings and add a hanger.

For the green bird:
Paint the bird Sour Apple.  I used smaller teardrop shapes for the wings on this one and cut strips of paper for the tail which I curled around a pencil.  I also punched a paper dot and glued it under the eye.
Green Glitter Bird Ornament

Hop around and see the other fun ornaments that the designers have created.  You're sure to find a new ornament you'll want to make!  Leave a comment and become a follower on the blogs to be entered in the prize drawing!  Start by going to the Robin's Nest blog to see all the ornaments!

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Happy Holiday Crafting!


  1. LOVE your birds, Terry - fabulous!

  2. wow this is so pretty! love that you took two basic shapes and made birds!

  3. these are amazing.. My favorite so far...thanks for join us

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  7. These birds are so gorgeous. These would look great on a decorative birdhouse. Hmm I just might have to make one. Thanks for the idea.

  8. These are so cute! And your instructions are superb. Elegant, from conception to execution, and you make it accessible to everyone. Thank you, Terry! ~ kw

  9. love these! and I love the idea of using them as plant picks! perfect holiday ornaments for gift-giving! thanks for the clever ideas!

  10. wow I just love the Birds the details are super Awesome I have to try this. I love them in the tree. thanks for sharing

  11. I love these little birds, so festive and glittery. TFS

  12. Terry! These are wonderful! Your own little Tiki room! I would leave them out all year round they are so cute!

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