Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Angel for Sticky Sticks™ Challenge

Hi Crafters!

Welcome to the Sticky Sticks™ blog hop! 

Sticky Sticks™ is our manufacturer challenge for this month in which we create a design using their products.  Sticky Sticks™ are self-adhesive jumbo craft sticks.  You peel off the tab and stick them together!  No glue is needed!

This challenge was a fun one for me.  I wanted to create a craft without using any extra glue, but I wanted it to be a complex design.  It took a bit of puzzle-working!  But, I love puzzles and, with a little patience, I was able to construct this angel with no glue using only the Sticky Sticks™! It all depends on how you place them!

Sticky Sticks Angel
Design by Terry Ricioli

Here's the easy step-by-step instructions so you can do it, too!  

You'll need 29 Sticky Sticks and two wood circles (2" and 2 1/2").

1.  Lay 3 sticks down with tabs up and remove the tabs.  Lay 2 more sticks on top with tabs up as in this picture:
Step 1

Make two of those.  These will be the bottom sections of the body.

2.  Lay one stick with the tab down.  Remove the tabs on two more and lay them on top of the first. Add two more one on each edge. 
Step 2

3.  Remove the center tab and place the two sections from Step 1 overlapping each other.  Place the section from Step 2 on top overlapping the other two.
Step 3
4.  For the wings, lay three sticks with tabs up on your work surface.  Remove the tabs.
Step 4

5.  Lay three more sticks on top of those with tabs up as shown.
Step 5
6.  Make another wing in the same way facing in the opposite direction.
7.  Remove the tabs and press the wings to the back of the body overlapping in the center.  Slide the arms between the wings and the body with one tab facing up and one facing down as shown.
 8.  Remove the tabs and adhere the small circle to the front-facing tab and the large circle to the back-facing tab covering the ends of the arms.
Now your angel is ready to decorate.  You can paint it all one color as I did or add a face, hair with paints, trims or anything you choose.  I painted mine with Decoart acrylic paint in Buttermilk, then sanded it for a worn look.

Sticky Sticks™ can be found at retail stores or on their website.  Don't forget to take a look at all the other projects using the blue Designer Crafts Connection button for more great ideas.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. This is an adorable sculpture with the sticks! I love the idea of leaving it plain or finishing it however suits one's taste. <3

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!! I love little angels, and the fact that you were able to put this together with only the Sticky Sticks is amazing!! It really shows off the strength of the adhesive and I appreciate your time in figuring out how to do that!! Thank you for being part of the Blog Hop today! You're super talented! Stacey (Sticky Sticks, LLC)