Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanks a Bunch!

Hi Crafters!
This month the designers in our Designer Craft Connection blog hop want to say "Thank you"!  So, we've designed some ways that you'll be able to do that while having some crafting fun! 

Thanks a Bunch! Card
Design by Terry Ricioli
Cards are always a great way to say "thank you"!  Here's my take on a thank you card using some recycled materials, paper, a little paint and some tacky glue.

I love the corrugated sleeves that you wrap around your hot drink.  They are a great source of crafting material.  I cut the grapes from one of those.  You can see that they are cut in all directions and of no particular size, so don't worry about it!
The leaf and stem are made from pieces of a brown paper grocery bag - also a great source of craft material.
Cut two small pieces of bag.

Add tacky glue.

Press the paper squares together.

Trace a leaf on the paper bag squares.  Use a natural leaf as a guide or make your own pattern.

Cut out the leaf.

Wrinkle the leaf by folding and scrunching it.  Let it dry.

Roll up a small rectangle of paper bag.  Twist and bend it into a stem.

Paint and arrange the leaf, stem and grapes on a torn rectangle of colored paper.  I painted these with some metallic powder but you can brush it with any color or kind of paint you like.  I like to leave some of the brown showing through the paint.

Glue the pieces onto the colored paper and glue that piece to a card in a contrasting color.

Print out "Thanks a bunch!" using your computer and printer and tear around the lettering.  Glue it at the bottom right or inside the card. 

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!  Stop in again on November 10th for some Christmas crafts using Smoothfoam(TM).

Happy Crafting!



  1. As always, you have come up with a winner! I especially like the leaf. I'm stealing that idea!

  2. What recycled crafting is all about. Great work

  3. What a fabulous design! Love the recycling

  4. Great use of recycling! Such a fun project!

  5. Very cute! I especially love the leaf!