Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creative in the Kitchen

Hi crafters! 
This month I'm putting down the pliers and the glue gun to feature something creative from my kitchen. 

We love pasta in our family, and this recipe has become our summer staple.  It features fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, garlic (lots of garlic!), olives and a couple of jars of marinated artichoke hearts.  It's super simple and delicious.  You can vary it by adding some chicken, sprinkling on your favorite cheese or tossing in some grilled veggies.  The only cooking is boiling the spaghetti, all the rest is just chopping.  If you don't like the strong taste of raw garlic and herbs, saute' them for a few minutes in olive oil.  So, here it is -our fresh Summer Spaghetti- Pasta Estate'!  Enjoy!
For those of you who want more of a recipe:
1 pound of thin spaghetti, boiled al dente'
Olive oil
Can of olives, drained and sliced
Chopped fresh tomatoes, 2-3
Fresh basil, chopped
Garlic, chopped, as much as you like!
2 small jars of marinated artichoke hearts

Chop all fresh ingredients and place in a large bowl.  Add olives and artichoke hearts.  Add olive oil for extra sauce.  You can also add some of the pasta water for more sauce.  Add the drained pasta and mix the ingredients.

Happy summer!

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