Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

As humans we need reminders of the past, and it is a good thing to have moments, hours and days when we set aside our rush of daily activities to remember those who shaped our past and sacrificed for our futures. I hope you'll stop today to remember those who sacrificed so much for our country not only in the armed services, but those who kept the home fires burning in their absence.

As a small token of remembrance and patriotism, here's a craft that you can wear to celebrate the Red, White and Blue!
Stars and Stripes Belt Buckle
This buckle form is from Amate Studios and is filled with a piece of flag handkerchief, some quilt batting and a piece of cardboard. To make it, trace the form on a piece of cardboard and trim the cardboard so that it fits loosely in the buckle. You want to leave room for the fabric to be folded over the edge of the cardboard. Then, cut a piece of quilt batting the same size as the cardboard. Decide which part of the handkerchief you'd like for the belt buckle and cut out a circle with a 1/2" extra around the cardboard circle. Glue the batting to the cardboard and place the fabric on top the batting. Pull the fabric to the back of the cardboard, clipping and gluing the fabric to the back. To get the smoothest fit, glue the four compass points first, then work in betwen them. Check the piece for the fit in the belt buckle form and adjust now if needed. Glue the layered fabric piece into the belt buckle. Add fabric pen highlights or some sparkles if you like.

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