Monday, January 18, 2010

More CHA Show Stuff!

This year's theme for the Craft and Hobby show is Crafting Around the World. In the Global Gallery, the designers will have pieces that reflect the theme with crafts inspired by the country they chose. I can't wait to see all the fantastic pieces.

I chose Mexico. I love the art and crafts from our southern neighbor. It was hard to choose a craft because there are so many that I like--metalwork, bright painted bark paper, intricate cut-out banners, tooled leather. In the end, I chose a terra cotta sun plaque. It doesn't use terra cotta clay, but it is inspired by the colors and textures of Mexican pottery.

Here's the final result. I say "final result" with my fingers crossed, because I keep playing with it--adding a little paint here or there. We'll see if it stays as is. There is a point where I'll have to let it dry and wrap it up for travel, but I am taking my paint with me!

It was so much fun to try a new craft. I don't work much with clay, and I really enjoyed sculpting with paper clay. I hope you'll try a new craft this year. You never know what you'll achieve!
Happy crafting!

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