Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take your crafting outdoors!

Hi crafters!

I'm taking my projects outdoors to the patio table--and, it's not just to avoid straightening the studio or because I've run out of usable surface space! Well--maybe!

Ever since the tree outside the studio window has leafed out, the light has diminished considerably. It feels freer and less confining outside than in the house. And, it surely is easier to see the little holes in the beads out here!

Mornings are usually best for me. The temperature is mild and the light is great. Summer's lovely shades of green and colorful flowers ar a great source of inspiration. Occasionally, a bright butterfly flits among the flowers or a hummingbird hovers nearby. Hmm, what about a necklace in hummingbird colors--iridescent greens and bright pinks!

If you're not beading, a chair in the shade on a summer afternoon is a great place to crochet or knit. A glass of lemonade or iced tea, and you're set for a couple of hours. The only thing you have to fight is the tendency to take a nap!

Happy crafting in the fresh air!

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