Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Ribbon Dreamcatcher for Gwen Studios

 Hi Everyone!

Today I'm featuring a project using some wonderful new ribbons from Gwen Studios. 

Ribbon Dreamcatcher

They are a new company that is just entering the craft arena and reached out to us at Designer Crafts Connection to create project ideas for them.  They sent out a fabulous amount of product - ribbons as well as a snap setting tool and a sewing kit.  

Gwen Studios

Although this is a freeform project, here is a list of the items I used for this dreamcatcher.  

12" embroidery hoop

12" doily

4 reels of 7/8" - 1" wide mint green prints (9')

2 reels of trim (pom-poms and tassels (6')

1 reel of 1" burlap ribbon in mint green and tan (9') plus 1 foot more

1/4" mint green ribbon and 5/8" ribbon in mint green and gold from Sweet Shop card (6' each)

Assorted driftwood, shells and a dried starfish

Thread for hanging

Hot glue gun and glue

The photo above shows the ribbons I pulled out for my dreamcatcher.  I love the minty green set that came in the clear box, but I also found that same color on some of the carded ribbons and in the burlap ribbon, too.  It's a perfect mix for my project.  I cut the 6' and 9' lengths in half.

I was going to use a piece of driftwood for the dreamcatcher, but decided to use a hoop instead.  The hoop I used is 12" and so is the white doily.  I used the embroidery thread for the hanger.

I used hot glue to tack the doily to the edge of the hoop.  You can tie it on also with the embroidery thread or more ribbon.

Then, I used a Lark's Head knot to tie on the ribbons.  I interspersed them with the pom-pom and tassel trim and the narrower ribbons from the Sweet Shop cards.  The trims are tacked to the hoop with hot glue.

Next, I added some ribbon, shells, a starfish and driftwood to the top of the hoop with hot glue.  The ribbon at the top is the mint green and tan burlap ribbon scrunched and glued to the hoop first.  The last step is to trim the ends of the ribbons as you wish.

And, here it is completed - a quick and easy summer craft that catches the winds and lifts your spirits!

I can't wait to try this craft again.  It's the first dreamcatcher I've ever made, and it was so easy.  Did you see those wonderful red, white and blue ribbons in the first photo?  Those will be next!

You can find Gwen Studios ribbons, bows, fabric and kits at Walmart.  Follow them on Pinterest and TikTok.  

Stop by the Designer Crafts Connection blog to see all the other designs using these fabulous ribbons and trims.
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  1. very pretty and great colors! - so calming

  2. Love the use of the doily and embroidery hoop with Gwen Studio ribbons, so pretty!

  3. this is so cool, love that beach vibe!

  4. Oh My gosh! I love this! and I almost made a dream catcher too! Great minds think alike! :)

  5. So pretty, love the color combo and the detailed instructions. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Very pretty! I love the colors -so beachy!