Thursday, May 12, 2016

Simply Beads Interview

Hi Crafty Friends!

This month I'm pleased to be a featured artist in the Simply Beads newsletter from Annie's.  Here's a link to the interview.  It features some of my crafting history, what I'm up to now and even a photo of my craft room.  (I had to clean for quite awhile to get this photo!)
My space

It was lovely to be featured in the newsletter as I have a long association with Annie's.  They published my last beading book a few years ago.

And, when their beading magazine, Simply Beads, was being published, I had several designs published there.   A couple of my designs are also featured in their beading kits.  Before that, they also published numerous books and designs of mine in plastic canvas needlepoint over the last few years (really, decades!).  

It's been a great association and I've worked with many wonderful people there, so it's a connection I'm glad to continue and to promote.

Each newsletter features information on beading and a free design.  Here's the latest free design from editor Keri Lee Sereika.  Great design - I'd like these in a couple of different colors!

Smoky Gray Earrings
Smoky Gray Earrings by Keri Lee Sereika

For more free beading designs from the newsletter, head to their pinterest page here. For more beading ideas and information, subscribe to the newsletter here.  They offer a wide assortment of newsletters about crochet, knitting, beading and plastic canvas.

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