Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pretty Palettes: Wabi-sabi

Hi all,
Today I'm playing along with the Pretty Palettes inspiration on the Halcraft blog.  Our inspiration this month is wabi-sabi.  Here's the explanation from the blog post:

“Pared down to its barest essence, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. It’s simple, slow, and uncluttered – and it reveres authenticity above all.”

Here are the beads that Erin Prais-Hintz chose for this challenge this month:


I love the colors and the mix of shapes and textures.  I already had the agates and the mixed rings.  And, I had some gears in my collections.  I also had a large heart pendant that I made in a class I took recently from Jen Cushman at an Art is You retreat.

Here the heart pendant:
I thought it fit perfectly into the theme with both the colors and the gears.  I had a lot of fun creating it and getting to play with materials such as Ice Resin that I don't usually use in my jewelry.

Here's my mixed media wabi-sabi necklace:
Wabi-sabi Heart Necklace
I had so much fun playing with this combination of beads and gears.  I probably could have kept adding to it for hours!
Here are some of the extras:  I added some ceramic beads, made a copper hook clasp and cut strips of old denim jeans to add to the necklace.  I pulled the threads on the edges of the denim and stamped them a bit for a little color.  

I think I changed the order of the components five or six times, but it's easy to do when they're linked with jump rings.  Right above the heart, I stacked and glued gears and beads.  The resin on my heart was a little sticky on one side, so I sprinkled some embossing powder on it and melted it.  I wasn't sure it would work, but it did!  Now, I want to try embossing powder everywhere! 

So, this piece is very experimental and sure to have its imperfections!  I chose the denim from a pair of old jeans to represent the authenticity of old-fashioned hard work and the wear and tear of everyday life.

For more fascinating designs around this theme, head to the Halcraft Pretty Palettes Reveals - one and two!


  1. it is perfect in its imperfections! very wabi-sabi! now I want to tear up my old jeans, I can't believe I haven't thought of that yet! my favorite part is the pendant, it is super fun and perfect for the inspiration!

  2. What fun to experiment with all this mixed media! That is fabulous, Miss Terri. I love the way the heart turned out and how well it went with all the other components for this month. Well done! Enjoy the day! Erin


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