Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pretty Palettes Reveal for November

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We celebrated with part of the family out at the old ranch house.

This month the Pretty Palettes from Halcraft and Molly Schaller is full of beautiful fall color and pumpkin spice.

I chose a few of these yummy beads for my own.  Ok, almost all of them!

Here is one of the necklaces that I created from zebra jade nuggets, some rosewood tubes and the stag pendant.  I added a hammered antique copper ring and spacers from TierraCast and a leather tassel and tied it together with brown waxed cord.
Stag Talisman Necklace
I imagine some ancient hunter wearing this necklace in hope of a successful hunt.  I love the primitive look of this combination of beads and fibers.

Here it is showing the way I made the clasp:
I drilled through the bead crosswise so that I could secure it as a toggle.  Then, I tied a loop in the waxed cord for the other side of the clasp.  I also wrapped the loop on the pendant with cord before tying the tassel.

Then, with the beautiful seed beads, ceramic squares, fire agate and imperial jasper rounds, I created another necklace.  This one reminds me of colorful Indian corn and pumpkins.
Corn Tassel Necklace
I love the seed bead mix and wish I'd bought some more of them!  Such a fun combination of colors and shapes!  This photo doesn't do them justice, but it was too rainy outside for an outdoor photo.

Here's another photo that's a little brighter:

Be sure to check out the Reveal for this inspiration and see what Molly Schaller and all the other members have created on the Halcraft facebook group page. And, go here for Halcraft's great selection of beads.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Ocean Moods Necklace

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited to finally be able to share the publication of one of my designs in Beadwork magazine!
I created this back in June, so it's a while between creation and publication!

I love the ocean and I always love to create in ocean colors.  Here I used blues and greens with bits of purple and brown.  All the beads were from Halcraft, which you can find online or at Michaels.  I chose some of their beautiful agate and amazonite slices, cut points and rounds in fire crackle agate for the main beads and accented them with smaller rounds and rondelles.  It's very easy to put together also with easy knotting on waxed linen.
Ocean Moods Necklace

Look for Beadwork magazine online or in your favorite craft store.  It's chock full of great designs in stitched beading as well as a section on stringing (there are nine strung necklaces in this issue!).

Here it is in Beadwork in the "fast and fabulous" section:

Ocean Moods Necklace

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Autumn Earrings

I just have a little time left to participate in this month's blog hop over on the Earrings Everyday: We're All Ears site.  The inspiration from Erin is fall and she provided this wonderful set of fall leaves in all the glorious splendor that is autumn.

Three weeks later, and I missed the chance to participate in the fall leaves earring hop above.  But, no matter, I finally have a chance to create some new fall earrings and that's what is important.  Create when you can!

Here's one pair that I created with some copper wire - an abstract kind of leaf.
Abstract Leaves Earrings
Here's the link to take a peek at the other fall earrings that were created!  And, here's the reveal for the plaid inspiration earrings for this month.  I've still got time, maybe I can get another pair made!

Here's another pair that I made:
Hammered Leaf Earrings
For these, I cut leaves, hammered them, oxidized them and added Ranger antique copper patina over the top.  Serpentine and faceted glass rondelles are strung on copper wire.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Shirt Sleeve Pumpkins

Hi crafty friends!

Nothing makes me happier than re-using something old and worn out.  Lately, I have been using some of my hubby's old shirts in my designs.  I have a lot of plaids and pumpkins have been on my mind, so I thought I'd make some plaid shirt sleeve pumpkins.  

The shirt sleeves are perfect for a quick and easy stuffed pumpkin, since they are already a tube.  I cut two from this plaid shirt - one a little shorter than the other.  Then, I turn the sleeve piece inside out.  On one end, sew a running stitch around one edge with a heavy thread.  Draw it up and tie it.  Turn it inside out and stuff with polyester stuffing.  Then, sew another running stitch around the top edge.  Draw it up and tie the ends.  Push the center down along with the ends of the thread.  Find a short piece of stick for the stem, add glue to the end and push into the center.

Shirt Sleeve Pumpkins
Set them among the rest of your fall décor or place them in a grapevine wreath.  These are so easy even the kids and grandkids can make them.  

So save your old plaid shirts or check out your local re-use stores and make some shirt sleeve pumpkins!  

Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Y'all!

I love fall!  It adds a lot more color to the world - yellow and red leaves among the green, orange pumpkins, and ripe apples and tomatoes in shades of red.  The fragrances of fall add to the rich ambience - damp earth from an early shower, homemade jams and pies, and the rich odors of ripening grapes.

And, I love creating things to celebrate the season -

Here's a little sign for fall that I created for JOY Iron-on letters.

You can find all the details to make your own sign on the Creating with Joy blog.  Want to add a little more to this sign?  Add two more pumpkins - one with an "I" and one with a heart - to make "I heart fall".

These are small wood slices, so they will fit anywhere among the fall décor you already have on a windowsill or shelf.   And, the tiny leaves are die cuts made with a die from Spellbinders.

These leaves were part of the Wreath Elements in the Four Seasons set and were the perfect size for my pumpkins.  I love that die cuts work for so many crafts besides cardmaking!

Stop by the Creating with Joy blog for more fun fall and Halloween ideas.  Happy fall creating and decorating!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Painting with a Palette Knife


While the baby was napping, I took the time to try out a new painting style.  I saw this recently on Make it Artsy, which is a fun show that hightlights all sorts of creative styles.  You can watch episodes free online.

This is my first attempt at painting with a palette knife.  The acrylic paint is thickened with modeling paste.  I started with one of my favorite subjects:  Sunflowers!

To get the texture in the centers, I used a straw!  Can't wait until my next creative 15 minutes or half hour to try this again, but, for now, the baby is awake!

Hope this inspires you to get out there and get creative.  Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect!

Monday, August 20, 2018

We're All Ears: Fabric-Inspired Earrings

Hi folks,

Today I'm taking the time to create some new earrings.  I love them; they are one piece of jewelry that I always wear.  And, they are quick and easy to create compared to other more extensive pieces of jewelry like a necklace.

The inspiration comes from the Earrings Everyday blog.  This month, Erin chose fabrics from Spoonflower.

So much fun!  Now, to pick one or two and create some earrings to go with the fabric.  Lots of fun ones, but I decided on the fabric on the bottom row, second from the left.  There are a lot of interesting mandala-type circles there and I thought I'd try to imitate that in an earring.

I found some buttons that were perfect to work with and used embroidery thread to sew a pattern in the buttons.
Mandala Earrings
These were a lot of fun to make.  I've got to try more of this on other filigrees.

Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!  Take a look at all the other lovely designs on Earrings Everyday.