Saturday, October 7, 2017

Adventures in Metalworking

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by.  Today I'm sharing a work in progress in the area of metalworking.  It's an area that I've used a little in my designs, and this year I've made a commitment to learning some new techniques.

Here's a heart and wings that I was working on yesterday:

Heart with Wings
I used some textured "tin" that I had and cut out the pieces with metal snips.  Then I put them through a cool device to create the ripples - a tube wringer.  (This idea came from a class I took from Susan Lenart Kazmer.)  You can see more of what I made in her class here.

I added some color to the heart with ColoriqQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez in Ruby Slippers.  Then, I added some white acrylic paint dabs on the heart and wings with a paper towel.

Now, to put it together and decide what it's going to be!  Since I'm not up to soldering yet, I will probably rivet the heart to the wings.

On to the next stage!  What creative adventure are you on today?

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