Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pretty Palettes Reveal for December

Hi Creative Folks!
This month on the Pretty Palettes challenge, Erin has challenged us with intricate Nordic knitting designs.  These wonderful patterns can be found in gloves, socks, sweaters and hats.  Here's one of her examples:
Selbuvotter – Nordic mittens – image from the
I have used designs like this when I stitch needlepoint designs, but I have never used these in my jewelry designs, so this should be fun!  In fact, one of my favorite winter sweaters is an example of this style of design.  And, with the chilly weather we've been having here in California, I have it right on hand for inspiration!

My sweater inspiration
Below are the beads that Erin chose for this challenge.  I wasn't able to find all of these at my local Michaels, so I made some substitutions.


Here are the beads I chose:

I didn't use the AB crackle beads, and I added some jet donut beads from Bliss Beads.  I couldn't find the suggested red beads but I found some in the same color that were faceted.  I also couldn't find the silver filigree beads but I found something similar.  Here are the earrings:
Winter Earrings

And, here is my necklace with the earrings:
Winter Set
Maybe I'll think of a better name later.  The white crackle beads remind me of snowballs and the rich red faceted beads are like berries.  Not sure how to combine that!

Head to the Halcraft blog for the designs inspired by these patterns and colors.

As usual, Erin, the inspiration was great - wonderful colors and patterns and an educational and informative experience (which I love!).  Thanks for the challenge!

Happy Creating and a very Happy and Heatlthy New Year to all!

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  1. I really do love the necklace you created! My Muse left the building around Christmas eve and hasn't been seen since. I love the way you created a pattern that mimics those intricate stitches! Thanks for playing along with me. I will have a new challenge on January 6th. Enjoy the day! Erin