Thursday, December 24, 2015

We're All Ears Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Today, I'm playing along with the We're All Ears challenge on the Earrings Everyday blog.  

This month our challenge is to make earrings from the "craftermath" left on our tables from previous designing.  You know, the areas that never get cleaned up where layers and layers of beads and findings have built up, been pushed aside or worked over the top of--I understand this concept very well.  In fact, that seems to be the way I work.  My favorite method is to use divided paper plates to hold a project.  They are stackable and there aren't too many accidents that way!  Of course, when I look for something on my table, it becomes a bit of a frustration because I have to remember where I happened to use that particular bead or finding or fiber last!

We are to take a photo of our work surface to show our starting point.  No problem!  I'm just deciding which surface to show - they are all a hot mess! 

I decided on the work bench.  I recently order a bag of mixed brass stampings from a new-to-me vendor.  So, of course, I dumped that on the bench to see what it contained.  It's still there along with beads and findings leftover from previous designing.  Then, there are some things that I have purchased recently that I haven't had a chance to use yet - waxed linen, sea glass and hammered aluminum rounds. 
I have to admit that the above photo is staged.  Lots of other stuff was shoved to the side.  I tend to use a lot of plastic baggies to organize beads so there are a lot of those lying around, but they don't look very good in a photo.  Here's the other table that I work on.  Maybe looking at these will inspire me to clean up!

More leftovers
I liked the idea of the muffin pan for sorting, so I went from bench to table and it felt like I was shopping in my own "studio".  

I did use some of these combinations and beads from my tray, but I had others lying around that I used also.  After a week or so of hesitation, I finally put some together.
Earrings from Leftovers
This was my last pair.  I really like the combination of colors and textures here and the tribal/jungle/rustic feel.  And, I made my own ear wires from head pins.
New Paths Earrings
Thanks, Erin, for the fun times exploring my leftovers and coming up with new combinations and ways to create.  And, it's a good thing you left the challenge open for a week, because it's been a BUSY week!

Merry Christmas to all!  And, wishing you peace in the New Year!


  1. All the earrings turned out great....I especially like those tribal earrings, very cool! Wasn't this a fun challenge. Feeling much better ....thanks for your kind words...these were my health thyroid energy, then got a horrible head cold and then on top of it all got diagnosed with planter factitious in both feet....yeah for me...but getting things under control.

  2. Thanks for playing along with me, Miss Terri! I like the idea of "shopping my studio" too! I think that the muffin tin challenge that Heather Powers initiated so long ago applies to more than just earrings and is the way I stage my studio (but I use divided trays). It really makes it handy to have ideas ready to go! I think that this challenge will be an annual one in December when we need to tidy up and have some ready made gifts. See you in January! Enjoy the day! Erin


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